Star Trek: Obsession

December 30, 2013 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs


This week’s classic Star Trek episode is Obsession. You can watch the episode on the official Star Trek site here and the episode synopsis is here. While on a routine survey mission Kirk and the landing party encounter a deadly cloud creature capable of draining all the red blood cells from your body. Kirk on his first deep space mission eleven years ago encountered the creature while serving on the USS Farragut commanded by Captain Garrovick. Ignoring his next mission to deliver much needed medical supplies Kirk goes on an obsessive quest to destroy the creature. Kirk blames himself for hesitating back then and costing the lives of half of the crew of the Farragut and Captain Garrovick.


Uh oh three red shirts to start this won’t end well. That didn’t take long the cloud creature got them all.

Just thinking what was that thing eating the last eleven years.

Why couldn’t the Yorktown just deliver the medical supplies themselves?

Why does everybody have to run to the library why can’t they just pull up the files on their computer? It’s interesting how some things have advanced further then the show imagined like digital storage instead of tapes yet other things like space travel have not.


No bottles of Windex sitting around sick bay this week.

Uhura just stole McCoy’s line “He’s dead sir.”

Five red shirts in the landing party not good we’re already down three. Check that four down.

Is it really a good idea for Kirk to wipe his chin with an armed phaser?

Why is McCoy doubtful he’s been doing autopsies and treating the injured?

Is Kirk really obsessed? Vengeful, feelings of misguided guilt maybe which Spock and McCoy would be right in questioning his command decisions but it seems you would want to stop this thing.

This is one of the few times we see Kirk off balance. The cloud creature has really gotten under his skin.


Talk about coincidence the cloud creature shows up after eleven years and Kirk and Captain Garrovick’s son just so happen to be there.

I’d throw my plate if they served me that Play-Doh food. Just a little obvious foreshadowing with the lid hitting the vent control.

I like the re-mastered phaser effect with the creature in space but the new Photon Torpedo effect not so much I like the white torpedoes better.

How much you want to bet the crewman attacked in engineering had red shirts on.

Spock may be a logical Vulcan but who wouldn’t want him as your best friend. The dynamic between the big three really helped make this show and it was at the core of Star Trek V to bad it turned out the way it did sort of like those episodes that start with a great premise but don’t quite pull it off.

They are going to flush radioactive waste into the ventilation system is that a good idea?

Maybe they use McCoy’s Windex from sick Bay to clean it up afterwards.

Is that Garrovick’s twin brother or should I say stunt double.

“It’s that green blood of his.” McCoy says that a lot too. I just noticed how Spock and McCoy will say the same thing but in their own way.

I liked that they reused some of the Doomsday Machine music in these episodes.

I could use one of those anti-grav things at work.

Ok the brief fist fight made no sense.

Spock’s calmly resetting and adjusting the transporter while Scotty’s following his lead and McCoy is flipping out. LOL


If you’re watching a Star Trek episode and the Enterprise is hit by a Phaser or something and you don’t fall off the sofa or chair you’re not a real fan.

Scotty: Captain thank heaven.
Spock: Mr. Scott there was no deity involved it was my cross circuiting to B that recovered them.
McCoy: Well then thank pitchforks and pointed ears.

The new effect shot of the planet with the huge crater made from the anti-matter blast was cool.


I wonder if they ever considered a different ending where instead of Kirk and Garrovick on the planet it would be Garrovick and say another red shirt (I know we were running low of red shirts this episode).This would have added to the tension with Kirk on the planet you pretty much knew he would escape with his life along with Garrovick but if it was Garrovick and another crewman you would have an added level of doubt if they would make it back. Plus you would have Kirk having to deal with not only the past and the loss of ensign Garrovick’s father but the possible loss of his son to the same creature as they attempt to destroy it.