As listed in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide” published by DK. You can also see the start of the list explained on the Blog. The ordering of the Lost Missions are according to Leland Chee on Twitter (thanks to trackofalljades for the heads up).

Cat and Mouse (S216)
Hidden Enemy (S116)
The Movie
Clone Cadets (S301)
Supply Lines (S303)
Ambush (S101)
Rising Malevolence (S102)
Shadow of Malevolence (S103)
Destroy Malevolence (S104)
Rookies (S105)
Downfall of a Droid (S106)
Duel of the Droids (S107)
Bombad Jedi (S108)
Cloak of Darkness (S109)
Lair of Grievous (S110)
Dooku Captured (S111)
The Gungan General (S112)
Jedi Crash (S113)
Defenders of Peace (S114)
Trespass (S115)
Blue Shadow Virus (S117)
Mystery of a Thousand Moons (S118)
Storm over Ryloth (S119)
Innocents of Ryloth (S120)
Liberty on Ryloth (S121)
Holocron Heist (S201)
Cargo of Doom (S202)
Children of the Force (S203)
Bounty Hunters (S217)
The Zillo Beast (S218)
The Zillo Beast Strikes Back (S219)
Senate Spy (S204)
Landing at Point Rain (S205)
Weapons Factory (S206)
Legacy of Terror (S207)
Brain Invaders (S208)
Grievous Intrigue (S209)
The Deserter (S210)
Lightsaber Lost (S211)
The Mandalore Plot (S212)
Voyage of Temptation (S213)
Duchess of Mandalore (S214)
Death Trap (S220)
R2 Come Home (S221)
Lethal Trackdown (S222)
Corruption (S305)
The Academy (S306)
Assassin (S307)
ARC Troopers (S302)
Sphere of Influence (S304)
Evil Plans (S308)
Hostage Crisis (S122)
Hunt for Ziro (S309)
Heroes on Both Sides (S310)
Pursuit of Peace (S311)
Senate Murders (S215)
Nightsisters (S312)
Monster (S313)
Witches of the Mist (S314)
Overlords (S315)
Altar of Mortis (S316)
Ghosts of Mortis (S317)
The Citadel (S318)
Counterattack (S319)
Citadel Rescue (S320)
Padawan Lost (S321)
Wookiee Hunt (S322)
Water War (S401)
Gungan Attack (S402)
Prisoners (S403)
Shadow Warrior (S404)
Mercy Mission (S405)
Nomad Droids (S406)
Darkness on Umbara (S407)
The General (S408)
Plan of Dissent (S409)
Carnage of Krell (S410)
Kidnapped (S411)
Slaves of the Republic (S412)
Escape from Kadavo (S413)
A Friend in Need (S414)
Deception (S415)
Friends and Enemies (S416)
The Box (S417)
Crisis on Naboo (S418)
Massacre (S419)
Bounty (S420)
Brothers (S421)
Revenge (S422)
A War on Two Fronts (S502)
Front Runner (S503)
The Soft War (S504)
Tipping Points (S505)
The Gathering (S506)
A Test of Strength (S507)
Bound for Rescue (S508)
A Necessary Bond (S509)
Secret Weapons (S510)
A Sunny Day in the Void (S511)
Missing in Action (S512)
Point of No Return (S513)
Revival (S501)
Eminence (S514)
Shades of Reason (S515)
The Lawless (S516)
Sabotage (S517)
The Jedi Who Knew Too Much (S518)
To Catch a Jedi (S519)
The Wrong Jedi (S520)
The Unknown (S601)
Conspiracy (S602)
Fugitive (S603)
Orders (S604)
An Old Friend (S605)
The Rise of Clovis (S606)
Crisis at the Heart (S607)
The Disappeared Part I (S608)
The Disappeared Part II (S609)
The Lost One (S610)
Voices (S611)
Destiny (S612)
Sacrifice (S613)

36 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Chronological Episode Order

  1. Profile photo of Squiggy365 says:

    I’m glad I have this to refer to in order to clear this up. I was going to say how could “Rookies” from season 1 come before “Clone Cadets” from season 3. But it turns out “Clone Cadets” from season 3 came first then “Rookies” from season 1. Which would make way more sense. Thanks to this chronological order guide it really took that confusion from me.

    • Profile photo of Squiggy365 says:

      I was confused before reading this because after the Domino squad had completed there Citadel training mission on Kamino in “Clone Cadets” from season 3 they were then assigned a mission to the moon of Rishi were they would patrol a post over there which would then follow that mission in season one “Rookies”. But “Clone Cadets” which came first was in season 3. So there are storylines in TCW that are not in order for sure.

      • zach says:

        Hey dude try my list it diverts away from the official guide but makes way more sense.

        Battle of Christophsis: The Clone Wars 2.16 “Cat and Mouse”
        Battle of Christophsis: The Clone Wars 1.16 “The Hidden Enemy”
        Battle of Christophsis: The Clone Wars (film)
        Battle of Ryloth: The Clone Wars 3.03 “Supply Lines”
        Battle of Ryloth: The Clone Wars 1.01 “Ambush”
        Battle of Ryloth: The Clone Wars 1.19 “Storm Over Ryloth”
        Battle of Ryloth: The Clone Wars 1.20 “Innocents of Ryloth”
        Battle of Ryloth: The Clone Wars 1.21 “Liberty on Ryloth”
        Droids: The Clone Wars 1.06 “Downfall of a Droid”
        Droids: The Clone Wars 1.07 “Duel of the Droids”
        Malevolence: The Clone Wars 1.02 “Rising Malevolence”
        Malevolence: The Clone Wars 1.03 “Shadow of Malevolence”
        Malevolence: The Clone Wars 1.04 “Destroy Malevolence”
        Rookies: The Clone Wars 3.01 “Clone Cadets”
        Rookies: The Clone Wars 1.05 “Rookies”
        Rookies: The Clone Wars 3.02 “ARC Troopers”
        Gunray Captured: The Clone Wars 1.08 “Bombad Jedi”
        Gunray Captured: The Clone Wars 1.09 “Cloak of Darkness”
        Gunray Captured: The Clone Wars 1.10 “Lair of Grevious”
        Dooku Captured: The Clone Wars 1.11 “Dooku Captured”
        Dooku Captured: The Clone Wars 1.12 “The Gungan General”
        Battle of Maridun: The Clone Wars 1.13 “Jedi Crash”
        Battle of Maridun: The Clone Wars 1.14 “Defenders of Peace”
        Standalone: The Clone Wars 1.15 “Trespass”
        Blue Shadow Virus: The Clone Wars 1.17 “Blue Shadow Virus”
        Blue Shadow Virus: The Clone Wars 1.18 “Mystery of a Thousand Moons”
        Holocron Heist: The Clone Wars 2.01 “Holocron Heist”
        Holocron Heist: The Clone Wars 2.02 “Cargo of Doom”
        Holocron Heist: The Clone Wars 2.03 “Children of the Force”
        The Clone Wars 2.17 “Bounty Hunters”
        Zillo Beast: The Clone Wars 2.18 “The Zillo Beast”
        Zillo Beast: The Clone Wars 2.19 “The Zillo Beast Strikes Back”
        Second Battle of Geonosis: The Clone Wars 2.04 “Senate Spy”
        Second Battle of Geonosis: The Clone Wars 2.05 “Landing at Point Rain”
        Second Battle of Geonosis: The Clone Wars 2.06 “Weapons Factory”
        Second Battle of Geonosis: The Clone Wars 2.07 “Legacy of Terror”
        Second Battle of Geonosis: The Clone Wars 2.08 “Brain Invaders”
        Hunting Grevious: The Clone Wars 2.09 “Grevious Intrigue”
        Hunting Grevious: The Clone Wars 2.10 “The Deserter”
        Standalone: The Clone Wars 2.11 “Lightsaber Lost”
        Mandalore Trilogy: The Clone Wars 2.12 “The Mandalore Plot”
        Mandalore Trilogy: The Clone Wars 2.13 “Voyage of Temptation”
        Mandalore Trilogy: The Clone Wars 2.14 “Duchess of Mandalore”
        Vengeance: The Clone Wars 2.20 “Death Trap”
        Vengeance: The Clone Wars 2.21 “R2 Come Home”
        Vengeance: The Clone Wars 2.22 “Lethal Trackdown”
        Standalone: The Clone Wars 3.04 “Sphere of Influence”
        Mandalore Duology: The Clone Wars 3.05 “Corruption”
        Mandalore Duology: The Clone Wars 3.06 “The Academy”
        Vengeance: The Clone Wars 3.07 “Assassin”
        Ziro the Hutt: The Clone Wars 3.08 “Evil Plans”
        Ziro the Hutt: The Clone Wars 1.22 “Hostage Crisis”
        Ziro the Hutt: The Clone Wars 3.09 “Hunt for Ziro”
        (Time Jump of a 1 – 2 Years)
        Peace Overtures: The Clone Wars 3.10 “Heroes on Both Sides”
        Peace Overtures: The Clone Wars 3.11 “Pursuit of Peace”
        Peace Overtures: The Clone Wars 2.15 “Senate Murders”
        Nightsisters: The Clone Wars 3.12 “Nightsisters”
        Nightsisters: The Clone Wars 3.13 “Monster”
        Nightsisters: The Clone Wars 3.14 “Witches of the Mist”
        Mortis: The Clone Wars 3.15 “Overlords”
        Mortis: The Clone Wars 3.16 “Altar of Mortis”
        Mortis: The Clone Wars 3.17 “Ghosts of Mortis”
        The Citadel: The Clone Wars 3.18 “The Citadel”
        The Citadel: The Clone Wars 3.19 “Counterattack”
        The Citadel: The Clone Wars 3.20 “Citadel Rescue”
        Ahsoka Lost: The Clone Wars 3.21 “Padawan Lost”
        Ahsoka Lost: The Clone Wars 3.22 “Wookiee Hunt”
        Standalone: 4.04 “Shadow Warrior”
        Second Battle of Mon Calamari: Clone Wars Adventures: Mission to Iceberg Three
        Second Battle of Mon Calamari: The Clone Wars 4.01 “Water War”
        Second Battle of Mon Calamari: The Clone Wars 4.02 “Gungan Attack”
        Second Battle of Mon Calamari: The Clone Wars 4.03 “Prisoners”
        Droid Misadventures: 4.05 “Mercy Mission”
        Droid Misadventures: 4.06 “Nomad Droids”
        Battle of Umbara: 4.07 “Darkness On Umbara”
        Battle of Umbara: 4.08 “The General”
        Battle of Umbara: 4.09 “Plan of Dissent”
        Battle of Umbara: 4.10 “Carnage of Krell”
        Slavers: 4.11 “Kidnapped”
        Slavers: 4.12 “Slaves of the Republic”
        Slavers: 4.13 “Escape from Kadavo”
        Standalone: 4.14 “A Friend in Need” *
        Deception: 4.15 “Deception”
        Deception: 4.16 “Friends and Enemies”
        Deception: 4.17 “The Box”
        Deception: 4.18 “Crisis on Naboo”

        Year Three (20-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin)
        Ventress in Exile: 4.19 “Massacre”
        Ventress in Exile: 4.20 “Bounty”
        Brothers Reunited: 4.21 “Brothers”
        Brothers Reunited: 4.22 “Revenge”
        Republic Terrorism: 5.02 “A War on Two Fronts”
        Republic Terrorism: 5.03 “Front Runners”
        Republic Terrorism: 5.04 “The Soft War”
        Republic Terrorism: 5.05 “Tipping Points”
        • 506-The Gathering
        • 507-A Test of Strength
        • 508-Bound for Rescue
        • 509-A Necessary Bond
        • 510-Secret Weapons
        • 511-A Sunny Day in the Void
        • 512-Missing in Action
        • 513-Point of No Return
        • 501-Revival
        • 514-Eminence
        • 515-Shades of Reason
        • 516-The Lawless
        • 517-Sabotage
        • 518-The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
        • 519-To Catch a Jedi
        • 520-The Wrong Jedi

        • Thehomie says:

          How much does this list differ?

        • MegaSean45 says:

          How can Shadow Warrior be before the Battle of Mon Cala? Rish Loo and Roos Tarpals were seen alive during Gungan Attack and died on Shadow Warrior.

        • Dominic says:

          what about the 2d animated series? Any way to fit them in?

        • Evan Waele says:

          I´m getting really confused by the non chronological order this serie is originally aired in…
          i used the list of the original poster, and all was well and dandy, but then all of a sudden i watched the movie (third episode as it is put in the list) and then there are like 13 episodes or so in between the movie and episode 11 from the first season the story continues with skywalker and dooku. in the preview of episode 11 they show anakin fighting dooku in the desert with the “jabba’s son backpack”. But i don’t understand why anakin is getting rescued because in the movie it just shows anakin taking dooku’s vehicle and driving to jabba’s hideout. can anyone help me out with this??? or am i just missing something here??

    • You just figured that out?

  2. curious noobie says:

    Hello, I know the wars are between 22-19 bby, and that the season 1 and movie (and flashback episodes) are likely to be 22 BBY, and the 1-2 year gap after Ziro’s death would put the narrative at least half way through the war, but I was wondering if there was a more strict set of dates (or at least years) to go along with the timeline of these events?

    • curious noobie says:

      nevermind, i just looked up battle of christophsis and ziro’s death, both have dates, my bad. i now know what i wanted to

  3. trackofalljades says:

    So where do the 13 “Season 6” lost missions episodes (released this morning on Netflix) fit into all this?

    Now that the whole thing is online, legit, in HD and OAR, I’d like to run through all of it, movie included, in chronological order. I haven’t been able to find any detailed information on the new episodes though. Does anyone know how to fit them into this list? It would be great to update this web page with them since folks all over the web are linking here now.

  4. Chomppig says:

    Is “ARC troopers” really supposed to be that far ahead of “Rookies”? That seems like a lot to happen between those episodes. I thought the attack on Kamino in “Arc Troopers” took place shortly after “Rookies”, where they learned the attack on Kamino was coming.

    • Profile photo of Firebird Firebird says:

      ARC troopers coming straight after Rookies was always a problem for me in fan made lists because you’re right, a lot must have happened between the two for Fives and Echo to have matured into experienced soldiers fit to be promoted to ARC training. It’s not unreasonable that the CIS would make multiple attempts to attack Kamino given it was the source of all the GAR’s troops.

  5. Mark Peterson says:

    Hi gang. Thank u so much for the work of putting these lists together! So my question is, my 9 year old son & I are gonna sit and watch the clone wars in order. I’m confused now since u have posted 2 lists. Which should we follow? The original Star Wars blog up on top of this page or what Zach posted? Thanks a ton!

    • Profile photo of Firebird Firebird says:

      Zach’s comment list is his opinion but the main list on the page is the official order. MegaSean45 pointed out one problem with Zach’s list and TBH I haven’t taken the time to compare and see where there might be other problems.

  6. Chomppig says:

    I’m still a little iffy on the official list. I’m watching “Bounty Hunters” and noticed in the opening clips they showed scenes of Anikan and Asoka fighting in “Weapons Factory”, which the official list has occurring after “Bounty Hunters”. Also, I was watching an episode that came before “Lair of Grevious” on the official list, but the opening clips showed Kit Fisto and his former apprentice in a scene from “Lair of Grevious”. I assumed the opening clips showed events that happened prior to the episode they are on. That must not be the case if the Official list is correct.

    • Profile photo of Firebird Firebird says:

      I guess the opening clips are really just about where the episode was in the original broadcast order.

      • Chomppig says:

        The more I watch and pay attention to the opening clips, I see you are right. They do seem to based on where the episode was in its original broadcast.

  7. Carlos Socorro says:

    What about the original Clone Wars cartoon, the one on Cartoon Network with traditional animation. Where would that series fit?

    • Profile photo of Firebird Firebird says:

      It doesn’t really.

    • Carlos socorro says:

      From what I’ve seen:
      Episode I
      Episode II
      Clone Wars Vol. 1
      Clone Wars Vol. 2 episode 21 only
      The Clone Wars (Leland Chee Order)
      Clone Wars Vol. 2 episode 22 and on.
      Episode III
      Episode IV
      Episode V
      Episode VI
      Episode VII (plus whatever Disney throws our way)
      What do you think?

    • vin b says:

      they were written by an entirely different team with different goals.

      the best you can do is break them up a bit:

      The 2003 series has 25 chapters. Chapters 1-21 are set before the 2008 series. (and would take place right after movie episode II). Chapters 22-25 lead directly into Episode III. (literally a lead into the theatrical movie)

      So if you insist on watching both than “Clone Wars” (2003) should be broken into those two sets and puts “The Clone Wars” (2008) in between.

      The only semi-major contradiction I can think of is the scar on Anakin, the timing of when he gets it is off between the two. There may be others, its’ been a few years since I watched them all.

  8. Chomppig says:

    Agreed Carlos. I watched up to chapter 21 in the old series before I started watching The Clone Wars because I wanted to see the whole thing in order. I’m in the middle of season 5 right now. When I’m done with season six, I will resume the old series at chapter 22. They make sense when you split them like that. When the Clone Wars series starts its already a year into the clone wars. Anakin is already knighted and has his scare. You see him get knighted and how he gets his scare in chapters 1-21 of the old series. Plus it introduces Ventress and Greivous. Chapters 22 on lead right into episode III with the chancelor being kidnapped.

    • Matthew says:

      Chomppig you and Carlos are correct. Except when Disney aquired Lucasfilm as you know they retconed the EU creating the Legends title. What you may not know is that the Cartoon Network Clone Wars episodes were part of the EU retcon. According to Disney only the official episodes of the Saga, Clone Wars movies and the 6 seasons, Rebels, and the books they’ve released since the takeover. This is what is officially considered canon

  9. Chomppig says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting the official list. I just finished the entire clone wars saga, including the old series, in chronological order. I’ve been waiting for a long time to do that and thanks to this list I finally got it done!

  10. Kyler says:

    I think that we can all agree that the saddest episode is Orders Season 6 Ep 4 It made me cry anyways

  11. Matthew says:

    Watching these is order gives alot of information about the Wars themselves. After watching the episodes involving Ashoka’s departure the fight between her and Vader in Rebels is going to be heartbreaking.

  12. Bill says:

    Even Chee’s “Official” order is wrong. In the Onderon series (502-505), Obi-Wan stops by Florum to get help from Hondo and Hondo’s place in shambles because of General Grievous’s attack on Florum which did not take place till episode 509

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