Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways

January 1, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird

As befits a new year we kick off with an ending and a new beginning, the departure of the 9th Doctor and the arrival of the 10th 🙂

The episode opens with a recap of Bad Wolf and then …

The Doctor and Jack arrive on the Dalek command ship and rescue Rose. They discover the Emperor of the Daleks and what he’s been doing with all the humans they’ve been abducting. Disintegration would have been preferable!


They return to Satellite 5 and start to prepare a defence. It doesn’t look promising, the Doctor has an idea, creating a delta wave which will fry every living thing in its path, but it’s going to take more time than they’re got.

Deciding that there’s no hope the Doctor tricks Rose into the TARDIS and sends her home.


As she realises what he’s done a recording plays. “Have a good life. Do that for me Rose. Have a fantastic life”

The Emperor of the Daleks calls the Doctor, it knows that the Delta wave will kill every human on Earth as well as all the Daleks. There are human colonies out there, die or live as a Dalek? Not much of a choice really. Jack hears, but he’s also willing to die.

Back on Earth in the present Rose is totally failing to adjust.


The Daleks arrive and swarm out of their ships to attack.

Rose sees the worlds ‘Bad Wolf’ sprayed everywhere and decides that they are a message telling her that she can get back to the Doctor.


The Daleks enter the station. Linda monitors their progress while the first defenders discover that bullets are no good.

Mickey helps Rose try to open the TARDIS console so she can communicate with it, tell it to take her back to the Doctor, but their attempts fail.

The Daleks go down through the ventilation ducts to slaughter all the people trapped on level 0, and up in the observation area Linda watches in horror as they then turn on Earth, bombing and destroying all life on whole continents.

Rose talks to her mum, tells her how the Doctor took her to see her dad. She’s upset, doesn’t want to accept it, but later she turns up with some heavy equipment to help break into the TARDIS.

The defence of Satellite 5 continues with the few humans falling one at a time. Linda hears the Daleks at the door, but behind her, outside more appear and blow out the window, killing her.


The TARDIS console is ripped open and Rose looks into the Time Vortex. The TARDIS takes off as Mickey and Jackie watch.

Jack is killed. The Doctor is cornered and the Emperor asks him “What are you, coward or killer?” He decides that he can’t do it, better to die a coward but at the last moment the TARDIS materialises and the door opens to reveal a bright light. Rose walks out.


The Daleks try to kill her but she’s now far too powerful, she is the Bad Wolf. She turns all the Daleks, their entire fleet, into dust!

Then as an after thought she brings Jack back to life. Unfortunately no-one can contain such power for long and Rose is beginning to suffer. “My head is killing me!”. The Doctor steps forward “I think you need a doctor” and kisses her, absorbing the time energy …


… and sending it back into the TARDIS. He carries an unconscious Rose into the TARDIS.

A rather disorientated Jack arrives just in time to see the TARDIS dematerialise.

Rose can’t remember what happened. The Doctor realises that he’s going to regenerate. He says his goodbyes and then …


“New teeth. Weird.”

Darth_Namialus : Such an amazing episode. We got so many good things from this one, including Daleks fighting, action, the immortality of Jack Harkness, Bad Wolf, and David Tennant! 😀

-There aren’t any actual flaws in this episode, except perhaps the effects, but that’s not a problem considering it’s a TV series from 2005.
-The Daleks were rather interesting in this one. Not “original” Daleks, but instead creations of the last “pure” Dalek, the Emperor, which was cool.
-I really enjoyed how the Doctor returned Rose to Jackie to protect her. He truly does care for and knows the risk, which strengthened Rose’s character due to her resolve to return to him.
-Bad Wolf is probably my favourite recurring theme of the series. I had speculated that Bad Wolf was some sort of mysterious villain, but then we got the plot twist that it was her, with that extremely emotional speech. The Bad Wolf is totally awesome. Everything about it was awesome!
-And this made me truly love Nine. He died to save Rose, after having quite short a life. Compared to Ten, he seemed more heroic in a way, sacrificing himself without regret.
-We also got our first regeneration from the new series, with the cool burning effect. His ending was so nice, especially because he was happy with it, being proud of his time as the Doctor. Perhaps not as emotional as Vale Decem or Eleven’s goodbye, it still fit the strong character that was Ten.

Overall I’d give this episode a full 10/10, for being a very strong ending to the first series and a perfect ending for Nine, a normally underrated Doctor.