R2 Come Home

May 3, 2013 in Episode Guides by Firebird

Season 2 Episode 21

“Adversity is friendship’s truest test.”


Boba Fett and his band of bounty hunters lead Anakin and Mace into a deadly trap on Vanqor. It’s up to R2-D2 to journey back to Coruscant and warn the Jedi of their brethrens’ peril. Battling beast and bounty hunter along the way, the trusty droid finally communicates his warning to Ahsoka and Plo Koon, who rush to Vanqor to save Mace and Anakin from a fiery death.

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Concept Art and Trivia

There’s a strong dog theme to this episode, from the title, a variation on Lassie Come Home, through the classic “Anakin and Mace stuck down a well” situation to the rescue by the Wolf Pack.


Concept art of Anakin and Mace being loaded onto a medivac gunship leaving Vanqor

This episode shows a rare example of a point-of-view shot of a droid character. When R2-D2 is tangling with the gundarks, one shot is directly from his P.O.V. with his manipulators extended. Later, when he spots the bounty hunter speeder bikes approaching, we see that Artoo’s vision mimics the view of a macrobinocular.

During the Jedi Temple briefing, Plo Koon makes mention of the Hydian Way, which is a hyperspace trade route first established in the Expanded Universe.

Amid the wreckage of the Endurance are pieces of Republic gunships and AT-TE walkers. Anakin and Mace Windu lie prone in one of the crew pits of the Star Destroyer bridge.

This episode marks the return of Plo Koon’s clone troopers — the wolfpack — as well as the gunship decorated with nose-art that says “Plo’s Bros”


Concept art of the Klatooinian bounty hunter Castas.


The speeder bikes that the bounty hunters use have Aurebesh lettering on the saddle that reads “LET’S GO ALREADY.”