Legacy of Terror

April 24, 2013 in Episode Guides by Firebird

Season 2 Episode 7

“Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it.”


After a battle to destroy a new droid factory on Geonosis, Jedi Master Luminara Unduli disappears while tracking Poggle the Lesser. Obi-Wan and Anakin lead a platoon of clone troopers in search of her. Following her trail, our heroes descend deep into the lair of Karina the Great. To their horror, they learn that the hive is alive and teeming with undead defenders. Apparently, Karina can reanimate and control her subjects. Will Obi-Wan and Anakin overcome Karina’s undead horde and find Luminara before it’s too late?

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Concept Art and Trivia

Despite the Star Wars universe’s predilection for metric measurement, Obi-Wan Kenobi uses “miles” in describing the extent of the Geonosian catacombs.


Concept art of the Geonosian hive

Though the expanded universe has offered a possible explanation for Poggle the Lesser’s diminutive title, this episode contrasts it with Queen Karina’s label of “the Great.”


Concept design for Karina the Great

Karina was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, voice of the clones.

The script originally had Luminara impale a Geonosian on a broken stalactite to introduce the idea of them being undead. In the finished episode, it’s a meaty punch to a bug’s midsection that clues her in.

Luminara now has her correct lightsaber in these Geonosian episodes. In her appearance in season one’s “Cloak of Darkness,” the rushed production schedule forced the crew to have her use Plo Koon’s lightsaber instead. However, their weapons are nearly identical, save for the gold plating Luminara’s handle has at the bottom end.


Though developed completely independently, this was the second zombie story in Star Wars in the same year. The first was the adult horror novel, Death Troopers, released by Del Rey in October.