Doctor Who : Doomsday

April 9, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird


A brief reminder of the previous episodes ending with the ominous “this is the story of how I died” from Rose.

Rose confronts the Daleks, the fact that she knows their name and the existence of the Time War gives them reason to pause and not simply exterminate her and the others on the spot. The also seem more concerned about protecting the “Genesis Arc” than what to do with a few humans.

Upstairs Jackie and the Doctor are worrying about Rose. The Cybermen want to talk to the central global authority, Hartman tells them that there isn’t one. “There is now” the Cyberman replies. It broadcasts to the world, telling humans everywhere that they will be upgraded and then is surprised when people start to fight back.

Meanwhile the Daleks want to know which of their three captives is the least important. Dr Singh steps forward and says that since he represents the Torchwood Institute anything they want they should go through him and to leave the others alone. A nobel move which soon costs him his life as the Daleks acquire the information they need directly from his brain.


The Cybermen have detected unexplained technology in the Sphere room and go to investigate. Meanwhile one of the Daleks goes outside into the corridor to do the same thing. Cybermen and Dalek meet. Cyberman: “Our species are similar, though your design is inelegant.” Dalek Thay: “Daleks have no concept of elegance!” Cyberman: “This is obvious” Oooo Miaow! Cyberman: “Daleks, be warned: you have declared war upon the Cybermen.” Dalek Sec: “This is not war. This is pest control!”


The Doctor is visible in the background and one of the Dalek’s spots him. He orders Rose to identify the male which she does, taking satisfaction in the way the Daleks recoil at his name.

The Cybermen take Hartman and Jackie to be upgraded. Hartman goes to her fate reciting “I did my duty for Queen and Country”. The Doctor is kept upstairs for questioning when a group of armed humans materialise, lead by Jake. He kills the Cyberleader and in the confusion that follows Jackie escapes. Jake takes the Doctor to the parallel universe where he meets Pete Tyler.

Rose and Mickey talk, he has a device that will take one of them back to the parallel universe, but he doesn’t want to leave Rose. She thinks that the Daleks have a use for her and explains what happened when her touch revived a dying Dalek. She thinks they might want that energy again. The Daleks overhear them and tell her that the Genesis Arc is not of Dalek manufacture, it is stolen technology, stolen from the Time Lords.


Pete Tyler explains that the Cybermen were sealed in their factories, but while humanity argued about what to do with them they made their own plans, broke into Torchwood and vanished. However, all is not well, with the breach still open the temperature is rising, icecaps melting, and they want the Doctor to do something, to seal the breach and save both worlds from falling into the Void. The Doctor isn’t impressed with the idea of sealing it with several million Cybermen on his Earth. He tries to use the possibility of Jackie still being alive to sway Pete but he’s seeing the bigger picture, he has a whole world to protect.

They jump back to our Earth where the Doctor phones Jackie. She’s in the North staircase and he tells her to stay there, then goes off to find some Cybermen to surrender to.

The Daleks are about to force Rose to touch the Genesis Arc, but before she does she tells them what happened to their Emperor, how she turned him into dust. They’re a bit upset but before anything else happens in walks the Doctor. He strolls over, chats with Rose and Mickey like nothing’s going on at all. Rose points out that these Daleks are different, they have names. The Doctor knows who they are, The Cult of Skaro. He keeps them talking for a while and then blows open the doors letting in Cybermen and the parallel Earth soldiers. Unfortunately during the battle Mickey touches the Arc.


Running upstairs they come across and rescue Jackie. It’s an odd meeting. At first Jackie thinks Pete is a ghost.

Downstairs the battle between Daleks and Cybermen rages as the Daleks take the Genesis Arc outside the tower. The Doctor risks his life to get a couple of magnetic clamps.

One of the Daleks flies the Arc up into the air and it becomes obvious what it is, bigger on the inside, spewing out Daleks, hundreds, thousands of Daleks filling the sky and exterminating all living things on the ground below.


Inside the tower the Doctor explains his plan. There’s a reason for the 3D glasses he’s been wearing. With them he can see “void stuff”. When he opens the Void anything contaminated will be pulled into the Void. Daleks, Cybermen, and as Rose points out, them too, but the Doctor has a solution. Rose, Pete and the others who are contaminated will return to the parallel Earth where they will be safe because he’s only going to open the Void from this side.


Rose resuses to go and when the Doctor slips one of the jump buttons around her neck and sends her off with the others she simply operates it again and comes back. She made her choice a long time ago and isn’t going to leave the Doctor.

As they set up the equipment a troop of Cybermen come up the stairs. They intend to go back through the breach and retake the parallel Earth, but they are stopped by a rouge Cyberman who repeats, “I did my duty for Queen and country” as it guns them down. The Daleks detect the breach being opened and attempt to attack but they’re too late. The Doctor and Rose hang on the their magnetic clamps, the pull on them isn’t as strong as it is for the Daleks and Cybermen who spent so long in the Void.


One of the controls is knocked closed and Rose lets go of her clamp to fix it but her hands slip. As she falls into the breach Pete Tyler materialises, grabs her and jumps back. The breach is closed with Rose on one side and the Doctor on the other.

drwhodoomsday2 drwhodoomsday3

Jump forward and Rose wakes from a dream in which she hears the Doctor calling to her. She tells her parents and Mickey and they all follow the call, travelling to a bay in Norway. The Doctor appears, a projection through the last tiny hole between the universes. They say their tearful goodbyes.


The Doctor is alone on the TARDIS, but then he looks around and there’s a woman standing there in her wedding dress, a teaser for the Christmas Special “Runaway Bride”.

Darth_Namialus : And so ends Series Two, with one of the (if not the) saddest episodes of Doctor Who. Here we say goodbye to Rose Tyler, one of the series’ greatest companions. This is one of my favourite episodes of the show and is probably in the Top Ten of all Doctor Who episode lists.

I’m not sure where to start……. Yvonne Hartman. Although she fully deserved what happened to her due to the arrogance of her organization, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. The rogue Cyberman with the teardrop of oil was a really nice touch (even if some found it a little ridiculous). I wonder what happened to her in the Void…. Hehe. The Cyberman vs. Dalek sass-off (which totally had me LOLing) was the funnier aspect of a rather dark episode. It was interesting to see the Cybermen fight Daleks – two great armies fighting on Earth with humans caught in the crossfire. The Daleks, of course, are superior (Pssh, it’s only pest control to them!) and most of the destruction dealt on Earth is caused by the broken Genesis Arc. The effects weren’t that great (but it was only 2006) but regardless of that, the battle was an interesting sight.

Pete and Jackie’s reunion was a major highlight of this episode, and Jackie was hilarious as always. ”I never cared about that.” Oh, Jackie. It was nice to see Rose with her family again, but at the cost of the Doctor… Rose choosing to stay with the Doctor and her willingness to let go of her own mother showed her fierce loyalty. When the two pulled the levers to suck the Daleks away, I was on the edge of my seat, and I truly thought Rose was going to fall into the Void. But her father was there for her, like he would’ve been.

Their goodbye was heart-wrenching. However, I liked how Rose went on to join parallel Torchwood. It showed that throughout all her travels, she changed due to the Doctor’s teachings. Once she had mourned enough, I assume she became the wiser Rose we saw in the Series Four finale – relies on no one but herself. The Doctor would’ve been proud.

But at least we got… Donna!

I’d give this episode a 10/10 for being a heart-wrenching but perfect end to the show’s greatest companion.