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In which StarWarsBeatle looks for meaning after The Clone Wars.


So in last week’s episode:

“Revenge Of The Sith

It was a great idea [to watch], 3D will never come it seems so yeah, IN SPECTACULAR FULLSCREEN… immediately do I regret not getting the widescreen for my flat screen.”

With that being said, and thanks to my trusty PS4, I finally got the Blu-Ray. And since I didn’t want to watch III again, I watched some of the bonus features, and II and IV. In a quick review of II:

Felt a little bad for Ani, got so many beat downs from Obi-Wan, Padme and life

Jango was a boss

Slave I FIRST appearance


COMMANDER PONDS!..somewhere I think, with all that yellow….

Zam Wessel! (cameo…)


Slight grit of Coruscant

And Padme was a bit better here than ROTS, but was such a little….

Anyway! Then I watched IV, then I just became depressed.

May the pixels be with you….


Digitally remastered… IT WAS HORRIBLE! The grain, the audio, the glitchy scenes, the sharpened and dry skin, I cried back to II. With all the tech they have now… *insert your sigh*. Nevertheless, it was Star Wars. Yes it was Star Wars… Leia…. The guy was better than Padme, but with a mixture of Freakin Bail and politics, what was with that inconsistent makeup George? And Darth Vader… man it must have been good to be back. To me, I probably have to watch it again, but it just seems that Vader was actually kind of a nice guy with his co-workers and his old buddy Tarkin. It was a little weird considering who he was. So… Stormies…. It was one of the things that made it depressing. Recruits and hardly what seems any clones. After seeing guys like Fives and looking at the rest of the Empire, it felt said that everything from the Republic, the good guys, were now villains working for Palpatine.

Hey look sir, such a classic line, droids… *giggle*


Ah back on that dustball! Yeah Tatooine looked the worst of all. And after seeing the homestead, it wasn’t so depressing, ha, don’t enjoy it that long. So Ben Kenobi, what a hermit. It was a little cool however to see him go on in the movie and become General Kenobi, the guy in charge of the 212th. So now let’s head Alderaan, that number 1 tourist destination spot. So que that Wookiee, dat smuggler, and dat Boba cameo! So looking at that “wretched hive of scum and villainy”, do I start crying how we didn’t see that on level 1313?

That’s No Mo- hey is that same space gear we just in The Unknown?


Since the Imps couldn’t leave us alone on Tatooine, what could help make the entire galaxy and the movie feel oppressive? Well thanks to those Geonsians, the Death Star! I can’t believe I missed Yularen’s cameo…. lol So first, where is TK-421, next get Heros in Kaminoan gear, after that let’s just skip that princess part, while we initiate this Order 67, where is this “Vader” guy? One thing I just have to note about this movie was the important fact that Palptine just liquidated the senate. After years of that place, he just called it off like that. And if this movie wasn’t depressing already, people like Tarkin are now controlling pockets of the galaxy. And with this Death Star, ahh! Alright now if I’m right, I think our Heros right now are… probably in the garbage… and took a nice shower and got their clothes uhh…. What’s Skywalker and Kenobi doing? Yup, how about we just get out here…. lol

The Rebellion


I know, I said I was tired of warfare, now I’ll say it again, I AM TIRED OF WARFARE. It was interesting really to see another faction going against what was the Republic. After seeing the Clone Wars, it was just so cute. lol And who could forget the Y-Wing cameo! And, you kind of want to play with your miniature starfighters now! But it was sad to see guys like Biggs just to go out. But at least that was the end of the Death Star and “Grand Moff” Tarkin. In the end however, this new Rebellion felt crude, it was good cause, but a war weary fan of the Clone Wars like myself just feels that war feels sour right now. If I’m not clear, I AM TIRED OF WARFARE!

Sabine Wren


Since that’s the only guy that’s interesting, and since a Rebellion is such a bad time now, he felt at first a little provocative considering we just saw the Clone Wars and the Night Owls (spelled as a pun, “te”‘s not fun! XD). I mean I said already why seeing a war just feels bad, so bashing Rebels is in my best interest now! First the animation is bad. Since Ralph’s concept art were for the movies, saying you’ll base the animation of that is just taking the cartoon look from the picture. Since Star Wars all feels like a Ralph drawing, an animation style like TCW would have been the best. The Heros in this show can work, but I would have certainly preferred them at another time. And since we talked Rebellion more than once in TCW, the idea is just stale too. So it’s either Lucasfilms that’s not inspirational, or Disney saying to go that way. Funny how projects like Rebels and VII are getting away from the Prequals, as if the bashers got their wish…. Overall, NO PRECURSOR. Love the new phoenix Rebel logo better, Sabine is alright, so I’ll just go for #RebelAgainstRebels.


Guys, I’m sorry if this wasn’t the most “fun” blogpost I made, it’s just Empires you know. But anyway, I advertise Nexus Route on this sentence. Hopefully something good happens in Star Wars (ha, A New Hope! lol) and this is Star Wars Beatle signing off!

May the- MAKE SURE YOU #SpelledAsAPunTEsNotFun on Twitter and shtuff. E freakin U… – Force be with you!