Doctor Who Monsters A-Z : Krynoid

March 16, 2014 in Dr Who, Guest Blogs by GuestBlogs

A Guest blog by Hevy782


The Krynoid is an intergalactic weed which has the power to destroy all animal life on planets which it arrives on. It is an intelligent form of planet life which lays its spores inside animal life and this causes the host to mutate and loose every remnant of who they once were. While the host is mutating the creature will become mobile seek out food. Eventually the original host will become completely unrecognisable and will launch more seed pods which will germinate and begin the whole process again, eventually consuming a whole world. It is assumed that the seed pods get launched into space by volcanic eruptions on their home planet, presumably in groups of two.

Two pods landed on Earth in the Antarctic and when they are brought into a nearby base where one of the scientists there, Winlett, is infected and ends up killing his two friends and fellow scientists, Moberly and Stevenson. The second pod infects botanist Keller who ends up growing to an incredible size and threatens to destroy all life on Earth. Once the Krynoid gets to a certain stage it become telepathic and turns all nearby plant life hostile as a form of defence against predators. The ends up proving gruesomely effective against traitorous henchman Scorby who tries to help the Doctor defeat the Krynoid but ends up being drowned by the planet life in a pond.

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Harrison Chase was an insane botanist who thought that the world would be a better place without humans and animals so that plants could be allowed to thrive. He had an extensive plant collection of many different and rare species and once he learned of the Krynoids existence he sent his henchman, Scorby, to bring it to him. He was utterly ruthless and held no value on human life, even to the extent that he’d rather have a conversation with a plant than a real person. He planned to unleash the Krynoid on the world and allowed on of his henchmen to be infected by the creature. He tried to kill the Doctor in his compost machine so that his remains could be used to feed the plants in his garden but during the ensuing struggle Chase is pulled in and killed, despite the Doctor’s best efforts to save him.

The Krynoid’s only appearance so far was in The Seeds of Doom written by Robert Banks Stewart and featuring the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and UNIT. During this the Doctor and Sarah are sent to Antarctica to investigate two seedpods found in the snow. At the base where the pods are taken to one of the men has been infected by a pod and is slowly turning into a Krynoid. Insane botanist Harrison Chase learns of the existence of the pods and sends his henchman Scorby to collect it. While the Doctor deals with the Krynoid, Scorby steals the other pod and destroys the base. The Doctor and Sarah then head back to England and hunt down the missing pod before disaster strikes. He tracks the pod down to Chase’s country house where on of Chase’s henchmen has already been infected and Chase plans to use it to destroy all animal life on Earth. The Doctor and Sarah try to stop it but are eventually forced to get UNIT to call in an air strike which destroys the now giant Krynoid and Chase’s home.

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That’s all for the monstrous Krynoid. Next week we move onto the science experiment gone wrong, the Lazarus Creature.