Star Trek: Errand of Mercy

September 9, 2013 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs

A guest blog by Mindless-Droid

“I don’t trust men who smile too much” – Kor


This week’s classic Star Trek episode Errand of Mercy features the introduction of the Federations most lethal enemy the Klingons. I was looking forward to this episode but was disappointed with two things. One the version aired on ME-TV was really cut up with random edits and two for the first time in seeing the re-mastered versions I was a little disappointed in the new effects.

ErrandofMercy6 Magnetic_pulse_impacts_shields

The version aired on ME-TV was edited randomly and often. The scene of Kor offering Kirk a drink is cut Kirk and Spock’s attack of the base is shortened as is Kor giving orders to his men to kill more hostages. I was syncing the episode which aired to the episode online with my laptop and in many instances had to catch up as the aired version had so many edits to the point that it actually made it seem disjointed. It was so noticeable that if you had never seen the episode before you probably would notice the edits. The worse of which being when Kirk and Spock decide to attack the Klingon base Spock estimated the odds of success. This is cut but moments later Kirk references the odds as they get closer to their objective and if you had not seen the episode before you would be wondering what Kirk was talking about. The odds are also the payoff line at the end of the episode as Kirk and Spock discuss what transpired Spock says that at least they beat the odds and Kirk replies that they didn’t because the Organians rigged the game.

errandofmercy3 errandofmercyface_off

Up to this point going through season one I have enjoyed the new versions but this episode is the first time I preferred some of the original effects. Now the Organian transformation from human to pure energy was well done and we did get to briefly see a fleet of Klingon battle cruisers that we did not get in the original version but I didn’t care for the re-mastered sneak attack in the opening scene. I thought the original version of the battle with the Klingon torpedoes hitting the underside of the Enterprise and keeping the Klingon ship a mystery was better than the new version with the head on shots less torpedo hits and a glimpse of the attacking vessel. Either way that opening scene is awesome. The music the sound of the torpedo hits the ship being rocked and the Enterprise firing back (that part of the re-master was cool when you see the phasers/torpedoes firing from the enterprise) is just classic.


I wrote some random thoughts during the episode.

The Enterprise does look good re-mastered

Awesome music and sound effects during the surprise attack.

Sulu’s in charge a little training for his command of the Excelsior.


Are they not violating the prime directive ?

Klingon fleet !!!!!! Awesome

Mind sifter or mind ripper quite the weapon that we never hear about again.

Seems Kirk already has a reputation with the Klingons

The Organian peace treaty was something of a plot device as they needed an enemy for the Federation but couldn’t or didn’t want to stage an all-out war so the treaty limited the two adversaries to small skirmishes like in The Trouble with Tribbles. In the novel for The Undiscovered country (Star Trek VI) it makes reference of the Organians mysteriously disappearing prior to the events of the book/film.

errand-of-mercy-star-trek-1 errandofmercy5

One little trivia item Three Klingons from the original series Kor, Koloth, the Klingon commander in The Trouble with Tribbles and Kang from Day of the Dove all portrayed by the original actors appeared in an episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9 called Blood Oath which you can check out here


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