Star Trek : The Savage Curtain

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is The Savage Curtain. The Enterprise is surveying a planet that consists of molten lava. The sensors show that there may be some form of life on the planet but Kirk dismisses them and as they are about to leave an image of Abraham Lincoln appears on the view screen. Lincoln invites Kirk and Spock to beam down to the planet as a region has transformed into an earth like state. Once on the surface the Excalbians reveal themselves to Kirk and having duplicated historical figures of good and evil place Kirk and Spock into a “spectacle” to determine which philosophy is the strongest.


This is another of the third season episodes that has a good premise but kind of misses the mark. I like the look of the re-mastered planet. McCoy’s doubt that there could be life on the planet is odd since they should be more open to a different form of life after everything they’ve encountered such as the Horta and others. I do like the allusion to space legends about the planet especially if the Excalbians wanted to remain hidden. When Lincoln appeared the crew all seemed to know everything about him this was one of Trek’s inconsistency’s sometimes they would know everything about history and others they would know very little. When Lincoln asks if they still use minutes Kirk says they can convert I didn’t know they stopped using minutes.

They say a small change is occurring on the planet but 1000 square kilometers is not exactly small.

We get to see Scotty in his dress uniform kilt.


In the transporter room Scotty says it scanned like living rock sort of like the Horta.

When Lincoln is beamed aboard he asks about the music that’s playing without a band present and Kirk explains it is taped music. It’s funny how in 1969 tapes were the high end of technology and now they are mostly obsolete. Looking back forty five years some of the Trek technology is now obsolete or has been created while the rest is still a distant dream.

The re-mastered orbital shots are really cool.


Uhura was such a great iconic character too bad the new movies made her into a romantic sub-plot.

Was the Lincoln Excalbian doing reconnaissance when he was brought on the ship they did give him the VIP tour.

Spock could be a little annoying pointing out Earth is that way how would he know?

Interesting life form the Excalbian although it really is unclear what they are after or if they are malevolent or peaceful which I guess makes sense since they don’t understand the differences between good and evil.

This episode brings out a lot of important historical figures real and Trek related. Surak of Vulcan and the Klingon Kahless.

I guess if a Colonel Green shows up in the news we should be on alert.

Kahless the unforgettable looks more like Kahless the uninterested or the spaced out they really should have re shot that scene he just looked weird.

They were still reusing the Corbomite Maneuver shot of the backs of Sulu and Baily.

Another thing with these type of episodes how do the aliens making the duplicates and illusions know exactly how to make them act and how do they give them all their knowledge just from scanning the ship or the minds of the crew and why is it always a fight to the death in these scenarios?

Why would Kirk touch the Excalbian I mean it’s standing there smoking?


I never really like the episodes where the aliens can just do anything to the ship like disable the engines or the life support and nobody knows how or why.

Not really a good way to introduce us to the father of all of Vulcan. He really didn’t do much and I think they should have used a different name as Surak was too similar to Sarek Spock’s father it was a little confusing.

Well at least Kahless looks awake later in the episode. We won’t get into the whole Klingon forehead thing.

They really used the Corbomite shot a lot in this one.

Spock is right a Vulcan would not cry out like that and Kirk should have realized that with his experiences with Spock all these years.

Funny side note at my first job we had a bunch of Trek fans and we would say “A Vulcan would not cry out so” and respond “He would if he worked here.”

Wait how could they offer duplicates power. Power on Excalbia or power in their illusion so they understand power but not good and evil ah season three oh well.

One interesting bit of trivia Mark Leonard was the first choice to play Lincoln but was unavailable when the episode was filmed. That would have given him the quad of playing a Romulan, Vulcan, Klingon and Human.

Another good episode for the Red Shirts as non were harmed in this episode and one actually got a name.

Star Trek : The Cloud Minders

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This week’s classic Star trek episode is The Cloud Minders. A botanical plague has broken out on Merak II and the Enterprise is sent to Ardana for zenite the only element that can stop the plague before it destroys all life on the planet. Arriving at Ardana Kirk is thrust between the two sides of the planet the Startos City Dwellers who occupy the cloud city and rule over the planet and the Troglytes who live and work in the mines. The Troglytes have hidden the zenite and are demanding they be given equal status with the people of Stratos. Kirk must find a diplomatic solution to the conflict in order to obtain the zenite and save Merak II before time runs out.

Another so-so season three episode. The original story by David Gerrold was changed quite a bit. In the original version Kirk was stuck between three different sides. The Stratos dwellers and two factions of the miners one following a militant leader and one a Martin Luther King type leader. The planet was a main supplier of Dilithium crystals in this version and Kirk’s solution was to get the sides to the negotiation table in order to continue the supply of crystals. In the end he accomplishes this and tells McCoy that they are talking and it will soon come to an agreement but Bones is concerned how many people will continue to suffer and die till then.

In the course of doing research on this episode I read that had Star Trek Enterprise went on to a fifth season they were going to do a prequel story to this episode. Now that would have been interesting throw in that they were going to do the Earth/Romulan war and that fifth season could have been very compelling. Like all my favorite shows though it gets canceled.

Why is everything cured by some rare mineral from one specific planet you would think they could make the stuff?

“That’s their cloud city…” was George Lucas watching this in the sixties?

Stratos looks too small for a cloud city more like a cloud apartment complex.


The dry river basin is the Hadramawt Plateau dry river basin in southern Yemen, taken by astronauts on the Gemini IV mission in 1965.

How did they get Droxine’s costume by the censors of the time?

The Sentinel’s costumes are really, well they look like bed sheets with funny hats.


A one of a kind internal Spock monologue.

Spock seems a little too interested in Droxine.

Droxine: “Intellectually Vulcans are as highly evolved as Stratos City dwellers.” Well someone thinks awful highly of themselves don’t we now.


Vanna the troglyte leader tries to take Kirk hostage and Kirk is Kirk after disarming her. “What is it with you anyway?” and does anyone on this planet, I mean in the clouds wear a full dress?

Wait how does Droxine know about Vulcan biology and why is Spock talking about it with her when he didn’t even want to tell Kirk about it in Amok Time? Continuity people.

I’d rather have seen them dealing with the plague. Another episode where the background story would seem more interesting. The Enterprise battling a planet wide plague with time running out now that would be dramatic.

Droxine is quite naive and quite annoying.

With the way the High Advisor and the Stratos city dwellers run the planet how did Ardana get in the Federation in the first place?

For a people who claim to be so enlightened the Stratos city dwellers sure are ignorant.

Kill Kirk. How would Plasus explain that his sentinels killed a Starship captain really how did Ardana get in the Federation?

Wait, how did McCoy get Zenite so easily after Plasus threw Kirk off planet?

No one else figured out that Zenite gas was dangerous but McCoy just comes up with it in a couple of hours.

Nobody could figure out that masks may help the miners even just from regular dust and debris or did the Ardanans know all along and just let their prejudice blind them.


Is Kirk really violating Starfleet or Federation law trying to help the Troglytes? Shouldn’t the Federation demand that Plasus institute reforms or lose Ardana’s Federation membership.

When Kirk and Vanna escape why do they walk to the transport pad why not just have the Enterprise beam them down?

The re-mastered shots of Stratos are a nice addition.

Plasus really is a tyrant.

How does Spock single out Plasus from all the other Stratos City Dwellers?

Well I guess Droxine has a tad bit of sense asking Plasus why they don’t question their methods.

With all the technology like I don’t know shovels they still dig Zenite by hand and is the whole planet made of Zenite since they dig anywhere and if so why not just send down some red shirts scope up some zenite and off to Merak II.

Those are rubbery rocks. You can tell when Kirk pushes Plasus into the wall and they bounce.

Kirk under the effects of the gas acts like his evil half from The Enemy Within.

So Kirk can’t take some old guy with bushy eyebrows?

Kirk did the Picard maneuver before it was cool.

That’s not a lot of Zenite to cure a whole planet and don’t they have to refine it.

After all that Plasus is still a jerk.

Well at least Droxine seems to have gotten the point sort of.

Geek moment I like that they made the impulse engines glow in the re-masters.

No red shirts were harmed during this episode.

Star Trek : The Way To Eden

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is The Way to Eden. A group of space hippies steal a spaceship and try to find the mythical planet of Eden. The Enterprise intercepts the ship and beams the hippies on board. The group is led by Doctor Sevrin a once great scientist who has gone insane. Also in the group is the son of the Catuallan ambassador which is in a delicate relationship with the Federation and Starfleet orders Kirk to handle the group with kid gloves not wishing to cause a problem. After finding out that Sevrin is a carrier of a deadly disease Kirk has him quarantined. His followers distract the crew with a jam session (Yeah I know) and free Sevrin who then takes over auxiliary control and sets course for a planet that Spock after doing some research believes to be Eden. Eden also happens to be in Romulan space.


Upon arriving at the planet Sevrin activates a sonic weapon to immobilize the crew. Sevrin and his followers escape to the planet in a shuttle craft and Kirk deactivates the sonic weapon before it can kill the crew. Spock scans the planet and finds no evidence of animal life on the planet. Upon beaming down to the planet the landing party finds Adam dead and that the planets plant life has high levels of acid and the fruit is deadly. Eden is no paradise. The remaining hippies are rescued from the shuttlecraft but Sevrin in his insane state refuses to believe that Eden is deadly and escapes from the landing party climbs a tree and eats some of the deadly fruit killing himself.

This was not one of the best episodes and it just seems that somebody decided that they needed to do a hippie episode. This is another of those episodes in which the backgrounds of the characters and the planets are more interesting and would have made for a better episode especially Doctor Sevrin. How can they give him those ears and say he is a scientist in acoustics then not explain it or his background further. I think focusing more on his background story and what lead him to this point could have been more interesting. Catualla is another of those alien worlds I wish we could have actually seen.


Seems Chekov takes Kirk’s place in getting the girl of the week. Actually Irina was supposed to be Joanna Doctor McCoy’s daughter in the original script and Kirk was supposed to take his usual spot in falling in love with the girl of the week. The episode was rewritten so much that D.C. Fontana who penned the original draft requested that they use her pseudonym “Michael Richards” in the credits.

I like the re-mastered Aurora nice little ship.


Why drag the Aurora with the tractor beam till it explodes when they could easily get closer and stop it.

Lieutenant Palmer from The Doomsday Machine on communications.

The re-mastered space shots in this one are really cool too bad the episode isn’t as good.

Herbert Herbert Herbert oh shut up.

Why do they all have a hardboiled eggs on their shirts?

Pavel Andreievich Chekov well at least we get Chekov’s full name here.

Can we just hit the annoying space hippies with Phaser stun and be done with it? Oh right the one is an ambassadors son.

Okay we get it Sevrin is insane but I wish we would have gotten to know the character before this episode and why he became insane that seems like a much more interesting story.

The Vulcan harp is really a cool prop.


Way to go Chekov give up the ships secrets to the pretty girl.

I keep thinking Irina is going to say new-clear-ar wessels.

What is it with you any way Chekov?

They came up with twenty third century hippie slang.

That’s got to be the lamest red shirt guarding Sevrin that he was so easily dispatched.

I guess Eden had to be in Romulan space to make this episode at least a little dramatic.

Nice re-mastered shot of Eden with the double moon.

I really wish some Romulans would have appeared it would have made this episode watchable.

Chekov is always the one who gets injured. Walter Koenig has that great scream.

The dead guy’s finger moved. Oops.

Galileo II nice touch now Galileo Seven that was a great episode.

I don’t think any red shirts were killed in this episode just stunned. The one guarding Sevrin should have been killed for zoning out so easily to the music.

Star Trek : Requiem For Methuselah

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is Requiem for Methuselah. The Enterprise crew is infected with the deadly Rigelian fever. The only cure Ryetalyn is found on planet Holberg 917G. Kirk Spock and McCoy beam down to the planet to get the Ryetalyn as time runs out for the crew. Once on the planet they find that it is not uninhabited. A man named Flint lives there along with his robot M-4. At first Flint demands that they leave but changes his mind and has M-4 gather the Ryetalyn.


Flint invites Kirk Spock and McCoy to his home. Arriving at Flint’s home Spock discovers unknown works from many of Earth’s greatest musicians and artists. M-4 returns with the Ryetalyn. Kirk prepares to return to the ship but Flint offers to refine the Ryetalyn into antidote claiming that M-4 can process it faster. Flint then introduces Kirk to Rayna his ward who is highly intelligent and beautiful. Kirk being Kirk immediately falls in love with Rayna causing Flint to become jealous and M-4 nearly kills Kirk.


M-4 finishes the refining process but McCoy finds a contaminant in the drug rendering it useless. Flint apologizes for the attack on Kirk and for the contaminated drug. He has M-4 gather more Ryetalyn and says he will personally see to the refining process. All the while Kirk and Spock realize that Flint wants them to stay longer on the planet and when he is not forthcoming with the antidote they begin to search the house. They eventually find a room which contains other versions of Rayna she is in fact an android.


Flint arrives and reveals his other secret the reason for all the unknown works of Earth greatest artists is because he in fact has been those artists. Flint is immortal and has live many lives throughout history. Flint has created Rayna so as to have an equally immortal companion. Flint was using Kirk to stir Rayna’s emotions and now that it has worked Flint prepares to put Kirk and the Enterprise in suspended animation for a thousand years to keep his secret but Rayna enters and hears what Flint is doing and forces him to release the ship. Flint and Kirk begin a fight over Rayna which overwhelms her new emotions and she shuts down. Flint allows Kirk Spock and McCoy to leave and the plague is cured. McCoy reports that due to leaving Earth Flint has begun to die and will now live out a normal lifespan. McCoy and Spock report to Kirk’s cabin to find him asleep McCoy wishes Kirk could forget the events of the past few days. After McCoy leaves Spock using Vulcan mind meld places his hand on Kirk and tells him “Forget.”

This episode starts out very good. The Enterprise is in the grips of an epidemic. They need to find the antidote quickly because who knows how many red shirts would die. They find the element they need on a barren world only to discover the mysterious Flint.


Flint is an interesting character. The concept of an immortal being has been kicked around a lot in Trek and I think Flint is the most unique. He isn’t some energy being moving from host to host or an all-powerful omnipotent being such as Trelane or the Q in The Next Generation. He is just someone who for whatever reason has live countless lives. It does make for an interesting question of how to deal with an eternity of happiness and loss.


Then the episode just sort of veers off into another of the Kirk falling in love with the girl or in this case android of the week. What are the chance it’s Kirk who shows up on Flint’s planet if this was Star Wars I’d say the force works in mysterious ways. They really did go to that well once too often. No wonder McCoy was like “What is it with you anyway” in Star Trek VI. It does eventually pan out though as Rayna not being able to deal with her emotions sort of mirrors Flint’s attempt to eliminate his feelings of loss throughout the centuries. Plus Kirk’s struggle of leaving behind yet another lost love. Again.

A couple of quick notes. You can see that M-4 is obviously reused parts of Nomad. I wonder why they went with M-4 as it is so close to Dystrom’s M-5 computer from the Ultimate Computer there are a lot of other letters. We don’t see any red shirts die in the episode itself but I assume that some of them were the ones that died of the fever in the opening log entry.

Star Trek : The Lights of Zetar

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is The Lights of Zetar. The Enterprise is transporting Lieutenant Mira Romaine and new equipment to Memory Alpha the central library of the Federation. On route Scotty working with Mira has fallen in love with the Lieutenant. As the ship approaches Memory Alpha a strange storm of lights attacks the ship. The storm renders the crew helpless for a moment and Mira passes out. Spock speculates that it wasn’t a storm but something else.

Mira is taken to sick bay as she was the only one to have passed out from the effects of the storm. The storm heads to Memory Alpha while is sick bay Mira has visions of Memory Alpha in which everyone is dead. Spock theorizes that the storm is actually a group of living entities. The storm destroys Memory Alpha and heads away from the planet. Beaming down to the planet the landing party finds everyone is dead except for one person who is making the same garbled noises that Mira made after passing out.


The storm returns and the landing party returns to the ship. Kirk after trying to communicate with the entities fires the phasers into them and Mira collapses. Kirk and Spock realize that the two are somehow linked. These entities are the final survivors of the planet Zetar. They exist as energy and have searched for someone compatible to take over to live out their lives. They threaten to kill anyone who interferes in their attempt to take over Mira’s body.


Kirk surmises that intense pressure will kill the Zetarians and free Mira from their presence. They put Mira in a pressure chamber and increase the pressure almost to the point of killing Mira but the Zetarians are killed just before any harm comes to Mira. As Kirk Spock and McCoy discuss the implications of Mira’s experience. There is an Enterprise first as Spock, McCoy and Scotty are in complete agreement that Lieutenant Romaine is fit for duty and should return to Memory Alpha.

This episode could have been very good except for Scotty being head over heels in love with Mira. It was just so out of character for him that it made the episode hard to watch at times. Scotty was always about his engines he didn’t even want to take shore leave at times and would rather study his technical journals. I know they said Scotty’s love for Mira helped pull her through her ordeal but really it was just to over the top. While doing some research on this episode using Memory Alpha (how appropriate) I learned that it was co-written by Shari Lewis of Lamb Chop fame (You’ll have to google her younglings) and that may be why Scotty’s character was so ill written in this one.


I think they would have had a great story just focusing on Mira’s battle to retain her identity against the Zetarians. The romantic sub plot wasn’t needed. If you take out that part the episode is quite good. The re-mastered shots of the Enterprise trying to maneuver away from the Zetarian storm are nicely done. The drama of the attack on the ship and the phaser attack almost killing Mira leading to the realization that she is being taken over by the aliens make for a good enough story without Scotty drooling all over engineering. They could have emphasized Mira’s struggle against the aliens more making the final act more dramatic as you would have been uncertain if she would survive or maybe even sacrifice herself for the safety of the Enterprise crew. Okay some Mindless thoughts.

Good grief Scotty enough with the puppy dog eyes.


Now I see where JJ got the idea to totally ignore the basic traits of the characters.

What is that box Scotty is holding?

The re-mastered Lights are a neat effect.


That weird sound Mira makes was unsettling.

Scotty wanting to leave the bridge to go with Mira really was not in his character.

Now Scotty is a psychiatrist.

Dude what’s with Scotty’s sideburns?


So you build this vast reservoir of knowledge and then don’t protect it even from natural disaster?

Scotty is in sick bay when the ship is in danger.

Memory Alpha must be huge to see it from orbit.

We get another dead Andorian too bad the original series didn’t have an episode about them.

Those sounds are really freaky but they never say what they were or why Mira and the woman on Memory Alpha made them.

Again with the stock footage from Corbomite Maneuver.

I like that the re-mastered shots show the nacelles when looking aft.

Blue phasers are still the best.

I know they have a plan but why are they talking about it right in front of the Zetarians I mean they are right there.

The Zetarians can warp through space and walls but can’t get out of the pressure chamber before they clamp down on them.

Well at least no red shirts were harmed in this episode unless there were some stationed on Memory Alpha.

Star Trek : That Which Survives

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is That Which Survives. The episode synopsis from the official site is here. The Enterprise is investigating a planet whose geology is so odd it even has Spock stumped. Kirk assembles a landing party to beam down to the planet to study it. As they are being transported a strange woman appears in the transporter room and kills the transporter tech warning that they should not go to the planet.

After materializing on the planet the ship and planet are rocked by an enormous energy surge. The Enterprise is transported 900 light years away. The landing party believing that the ship has been destroyed start to search the planet for food and water to survive. During the search the same woman appears and kills Lt D’Amato. Meanwhile back on the ship Spock and the crew discover that they have been thrown clear of the planet and begin the trip back. Scotty feels that there is something wrong with the ship and he is right as the same woman appears killing another crewman and sabotaging the engines making them accelerate uncontrollably.


On the planet Kirk McCoy and Sulu realize that the woman is a computer replica and can only kill the one she was designed for after Sulu is slightly injured they find the computer base and are surrounded by the replicas. Back on the ship Scotty and Spock devise a way to repair the engines as the Enterprise continues to accelerate faster and faster. Scotty seals the engine sabotage at the last minute and Spock and a security man beam down just in time to destroy the computer generating the replicas and saving the landing party.


After the computer is disabled a message from the last survivor plays. It is then discovered that the planet was an outpost made by a long dead race the Kalandans. In building the planet they unwittingly made an organism that was deadly to them. The computer was set on automatic by the last survivor Losira to defend the outpost.


This is one of the better episodes of season three. You have the mystery on the planet. Kirk and company trying to survive and discover what the planet was and the drama aboard the ship. There are some new engineering sets and they even designed an earthquake set that moved the floor of the planet instead of just shaking the camera. The title also has a double meaning of the landing party trying to survive and the Kalandan computer trying to survive even though the kalandans themselves were long since gone. The Kalandans another of those alien races like the Melkotians or the Tholians that I wish we would have gotten to learn more about. The reveal at the end ties up the episode nicely. You wonder with the power the Kalandans had why not just destroy the Enterprise but it was Losira’s compassion that was ingrained into the computer that made it hesitate to just kill everyone.

That had to be the longest beam out in history.

The poor red shirt Wyatt didn’t even make it off the ship.

They used a new quake stage for this episode instead of just shaking the camera.

Doctor M’Benga makes his second appearance always thought he was a cool character wish he would have been in more episodes.


D’Amato’s in danger but he has a blue shirt on.

I know they are scanning the planet but the constant tricorder whine was getting annoying.

Scotty can sense that the ship feels wrong but Kirk couldn’t tell he was on a replica last week Mark of Gideon was such a bad episode.

Nice Horta reference.

I like how they fleshed out engineering over the course of the series and I still think it is much better than the JJ movies.

Poor Watkins I guess one piece red uniforms are as bad as red shirts.


Is Spock controlling his own brain with that hand held device? It is a reused prop from Spock’s Brain.

Spock is being something of a wise guy this week.

If the Kalandans have the power to hurl the ship 900 light years away why sabotage the ship why not just destroy it?

The new crawlway they designed for this episode was cool especially with the static electricity effects.


Warp 11.2 this was before the warp 10 barrier theory in The Next Generation that you could never reach warp 10 because if you did you would exist at all points in the universe at once.

After kirk’s encounter with Losira I guess you could qualify this episode as another Kirk versus a computer.

So Scotty is just going to stick his hand into the magnetic field that holds the anti-matter. Oh well it makes for good drama.

You wonder why the replicas hesitated until you realize it was Losira’s compassion that bled over from her into the computer replicas.

A bad week for the red shirts two were killed if you count Watkins in his one piece uniform and a blue shirt was killed as well.

Star Trek : The Mark of Gideon

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is The Mark of Gideon. The episode synopsis is here at the official site. The Enterprise is sent to the planet Gideon to open diplomatic relations. The Gideons are very private and reclusive not even allowing their planet to be scanned. They demand that only one federation representative beam down to the planet. And that captain Kirk is to be that representative.

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Star Trek : Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is Let That Be Your Last battlefield. The episode synopsis from the official Star Trek site is here. Seems they have taken the video of all of season three episodes off the official site except All Our Yesterdays.

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Star Trek : Whom Gods Destroy

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is Whom Gods Destroy. The episode synopsis is here on the official site. The Enterprise arrives at planet Elba II which is home to one of the last mental illness asylums in the Federation. The asylum is encased in a dome which is protected by a planet wide force field. Kirk’s mission is to deliver a revolutionary new drug that can cure mental illness forever. Kirk and Spock beam down to the planet and meet Governor Cory who runs the asylum but all is not what it appears. One of the inmates Garth of Izar a former Starfleet Fleet Captain who has the ability to shape shift has taken over the asylum and imprisoned Governor Cory and his staff. Garth intends to take over the Enterprise and conquer the galaxy.

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Star Trek : Elaan of Troyius

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This week’s classic Star Trek episode is Elaan of Troyius. The episode synopsis is here at the official site. The Enterprise on a top secret mission to the Tellun star system to transport the Dohlman of Elas to Troyius to be married to the Troyian leader in an effort to bring peace to the system after years of war. In route the two sides prove that peace may be very difficult. To complicate matters a Klingon warship is trailing the Enterprise.

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