May 11, 2013 in Episode Guides by Firebird

Season 3 Episode 5

“The challenge of hope is to overcome corruption.”


Padmé, on a diplomatic mission to Mandalore, guarantees the pacifist planet the Republic’s full protection, but she and Duchess Satine soon find something sinister lurking beneath the planet’s serene facade. Moogan smugglers have been sneaking in supplies, including bottled tea destined for the Mandalorian schools. To increase their profits, they have been diluting the tea with a hazardous chemical.

Corruption Commentary, Preview and Episode Guide.

Concept Art and Trivia

The tall alien smugglers with the pharoah-like headdresses are called Moogans. None of the individual characters are named in this episode.


The two unnamed politicians bickering in Satine’s throne room are the Minister of Finance (the woman), and the Minister of the Interior (the man).

The cubist design prevalent throughout Mandalore, even their food is cube-shaped — though Satine and Amidala’s dinner plates also include the previously used fried nuna leg model.


The doctor’s full name, in the script, is Zak Zaz.

The bottles of tea say “Ardees Beverage” on it, a nod to a drink established in Episode II. Originally, Obi-Wan was to order a cup of ardees in Dex’s Diner, but that dialogue was changed to “Jawa Juice” before the movie’s release.