A Test of Strength

June 23, 2013 in Episode Guides by Firebird

#94 Season 5 Episode 7

“The young are often underestimated.”


As the younglings return from Ilum with Ahsoka, their ship comes under attack by Hondo’s gang of pirates. The children must use ingenious and improvised traps to thwart the brigands.

Hondo Ohnaka has learned that the Crucible carries a trove of priceless kyber crystals and is defended only by Jedi children. His greed gets the better of him, and he orders an attack on the Jedi cruiser.

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Original Airdate: 10 November 2012

Writer: Christian Taylor

Director: Bosco Ng

Concept Art and Trivia

Petro’s lightsaber training maneuver — the Whirlwind of Destiny — was actually created by a young fan as part of the “Join the Jedi” contest sponsored by Hasbro. The winning entry, submitted by Brendon Lake, was animated into the show, and he received screen credit for it.


The training remotes seen aboard the Crucible are the same design as the one seen aboard the Millennium Falcon in Episode IV, and in Jedi Temple youngling training verandah in Episode II.


For those who catalog such things, among the design options Huyang describes for lightsaber constructions are “a simple grip, a curved approach, one inlaid with the bone of the Cartusion whale, pastillion ore or black onk.”

Among the historic engagements in the vast storied past of the Jedi Order, Huyang describes the Battles of Rashfond, the Peacekeeping of Parliock, and the Clone Wars, as well.

The design of lightsaber assembly is inspired by the Build Your Own Lightsaber activity center found at the Star Trader shop at Disney parks.


The Ishi Tib pirate — based on a design created for Return of the Jedi — becomes a hybrid of both a pirate and a pirate’s parrot in this episode.


The design of the Crucible stems from ancient Corellian cruisers seen in Star Wars: The Old Republic videogame. As an indicator to its age, its interior space is marked by the ancient Jedi symbol seen in that game.

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