Point of No Return

June 29, 2013 in Episode Guides by Firebird

#100 Season 5 Episode 13

“You must trust in others or success is impossible.”


R2-D2 and his team must stop a sabotaged Jedi cruiser from destroying a crucial Republic conference.

The minute military leader is relieved that an end is in sight for his whirlwind of a mission. When fate once again deals a wildcard, Gascon and D-Squad must beat the timer to defuse an explosive Separatist plot.

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Original Airdate: 12 January 2013
Writer: Brent Friedman

Director: Bosco Ng

Concept Art and Trivia

Colonel Gascon introduces the phrases “Snogwash!” and “Mother of Kwath” to the growing library of Star Wars phrases.

The Carida system first appeared in the 1994 novels of the Jedi Academy Trilogy, written by Kevin J. Anderson. It does not fare well in the future.

The look of Valor station was inspired by the departure station seen in the newly revamped Star Tours: The Adventures Continue ride.


The display table seen at the strategy conference is an octagonal design inspired by the circular table seen in the Rebel base war room during the Battle of Yavin in Episode IV.


Tarkin, last seen as a captain in The Citadel arc in Season Three, is now an admiral. He is moving on up in the Republic military.