Help us General Kenobi, you’re our only hope

April 8, 2013 in Guest Blogs by Firebird

A guest blog by StarWarsBeatle


Ah, the void. Where hardly any news is dished out, and all we’re left with is the “This Is Madness” tournament. One could only imagine what that 16 year period between Return Of The Jedi and The Phantom Menace was like. So before this summer’s Epic Battle Rewatch, let’s rewind the clock a bit. So sit back relax and let’s go meet that new padawan….

Cat And Mouse


A stealth ship. That is some trick! To be perfectly honest, I totally forgot that “no ship that small has cloaking device” until Dave mentioned it. One of the reasons why I loved those bonus features ever since, it enhances your viewing experience. Also it points out some goof ups you would have never noticed, like I would have never noticed Ki-Adi-Mundi’s Spec Op troops if hadn’t been for Dave. Annoying, now more interesting, you decide! Now Admiral Trench, I’m so glad he’s coming back in Season 6! I think Dave quoted it well: “Two often, we introduce a character in the Clone Wars, and he’s really cool, and then he dies.” Look at Captain Lock from Grievous Intrigue, there goes his two seconds of stardom! And for those of you who say that Trench couldn’t live, I could give a few guesses. But I’m not getting paid like Leland so I let’s wait for Season 6.

The Hidden Enemy


Along with Cat And Mouse, these two episodes have certainly made The Clone Wars movie much richer than it previously was. Give a round of applause for Dave. But the other day, I had a dream that Dave and the team made another episode in between the movie and The Hidden Enemy in Season 6, where it was the crack of dawn and the battle had just begun. Looking back at Season 5, how epic would that be? But anyway, if there’s one thing I remember is that the music in the episode probably stood out as the most cinematic in the Clone Wars. Then the recent Ahsoka arc kicked that imagination out the window. Also I think it’s a shame that most of the guys that were interrogated in the barracks probably died by the next day. Which reminds me, I wonder if Slick is Dogma’s bunk mate right now. By the way, if you saw the Hidden Enemy blog, under Concept Art and Trivia, please tell me you heard Cody telling Rex to take the west corridor and not the left corridor. I don’t know how anyone could have heard otherwise. REX IS NOT RETARDED.

The New Padawan


You’re probably wondering why I choose to call this section “The New Padawan”. In production, the team never created a movie and went on with the rest of the series, what they did was make a whole bunch of episodes first, and then combined four to make the Clone Wars movie. Besides, when I watch Cat And Mouse, The Hidden Enemy, and the movie, I always consider the final sequence of Cristophsis an episode. But do guys believe “time heals all wounds?” Because I do, I remember when I was watching the Clone Wars movie in theaters, I told my sister that the man on the Star Destroyer was Tarkin. When I finally got the DVD and played the commentary, woops. A few seasons off I have to say. But a full scale Clone Wars battle in the city? The more I think about it the more the more I like it. I don’t know why but I think war torn cities just seem really cool in Star Wars. But we never saw the 212th march into the capital of Umbara. Thanks for stealing all the screen time Krell! And when I rewatched the Clone Wars movie right before the Ahsoka arc, it was so weird. Instead of being friends like we’re used to seeing, they don’t like each other! So one of these years I’m just going watch every episode with Ahsoka in them and see the two become best buds! Oh blast, I miss Snips the more I think of her. But the Clone Wars movie brings back good memories when it started out. At first when I heard of the animated movie coming to theaters, I actually didn’t want to see it because I thought it was going to be like the micro series. But thanks to the internet, it changed all that. And I remember walking out of the theater that day saying: “I’m so glad it didn’t go straight to the Battle of Coruscant.”


So that wraps up this blog folks. But don’t worry I’ll be writing another, hopefully Bo-Katan will be in the mix. So make sure you look through the rest of the Nexus Route, its pretty epic. So this is Star Wars Beatle signing off.

May the force be with you.