Farscape : A Constellation of Doubt

May 13, 2015 in Farscape by Firebird

Having overheard Ahkna, the Scarran Minister of War, mention the secret Scarran base known as Katratzi, Sikozu is sure this is where the Scarrans intend to take their captive, Aeryn Sun. Though Moya’s data banks have no record of Katratzi, Crichton’s sure he’s heard the word “Katratzi” somewhere before, if only he could remember where. Unable to sleep, Crichton pores over a documentary intercepted from Earth that examines the visit by “aliens” – Moya’s crew – and discovers that the documentary just might hold the key to locating Katratzi – and Aeryn.


The documentary is not desperately flattering.


Obviously some of the crew freak out the people of Earth more than others.


and Chiana causes trouble everywhere she goes.


The sheriff from the episode Kansas is now barking mad poor thing.


In the end Crichton realises where he heard the name Katratzi, it was in one of the unrealised realities. So he goes to ask Scorpius for his help, offering him a deal, Aeryn for wormholes.