Farscape : Terra Firma

April 15, 2015 in Farscape by Firebird


The crew returns to Moya – in orbit around modern-day Earth – to find Jack and a contingent of Earth dignitaries waiting for them. The aliens are introduced to an amazed and apprehensive public, but soon find life in the public eye difficult. As Crichton tries to readjust to life on Earth, his relationships become strained, especially with Aeryn. Meanwhile, a monstrous assassin sent by Grayza hunts for Crichton, and will stop at nothing to accomplish its mission.


Aeryn takes Jack on a tour of the solar system …


Chiana shops …


Rygel (surprise surprise) eats, Noranti is weird …


and on the other side of the wormhole Sikozu gets cozy with Scorpius


but the core of the story is Crichton. His relationships with his father and Aeryn and his growing realisation that he just doesn’t fit in on Earth any longer. By the time Grayza’s assassin attacks he’s already decided that they should all leave. The people of Earth know there are aliens out there now and need to get their act together.