Farscape : Kansas

April 8, 2015 in Farscape by Firebird


The crew travels through a wormhole to Earth, 1985, and Crichton finds he has somehow disastrously changed the course of time – his father Jack is now slated to fly the doomed Challenger mission. Lying low in Crichton’s home town, the ‘aliens’ use the timely Halloween celebrations to remain (almost) anonymous, while Crichton tries to revert the timeline – in the process putting his younger self in mortal danger.


We left poor Crichton, floating in space looking down on the Earth. As the outline above makes clear, he didn’t just go home, he went to a home in the past. His friends follow his voice through the wormhole and come out at the same place and time.

After that it’s a pretty typical time travel story …


with the inevitable Farscape twists. Rygel high on Halloween candy. Aeryn watching Sesame Street. Chiana seducing young Crichton.


Meanwhile back in the future and on Moya, Grayza and Braca arrive and we discover that Braca has been working for Scorpius the whole time. Unfortunately having discovered that Crichton isn’t on board Grayza leaves one of her agents behind to wait for him.

With the timeline fixed the crew return through time and we end with another cliffhanger, Crichton finding his father and 3 other people from Earth waiting for him aboard Moya.