I guess that about wraps it up for Star Wars

April 4, 2013 in Star Wars by Firebird

It started well enough with the promise of new movies, although plenty of fans didn’t see the need for a sequel trilogy, but then the rumours started with confirmations coming hard on their heels.

The Clone Wars was indeed to be cancelled and later we discovered that LucasFilm Animation weren’t being reassigned to a new project as the LF announcement had seemed to imply, they were just being ‘downsized’ into oblivion.

Next the whispers about 1313 being on hold turned into LucasArts being shut down in all but name.

Now today we hear that the LucasArts shutdown is resulting in job losses at ILM.

It’s clear that Disney wanted LF for it’s Intellectual Properties. They now own Star Wars and Indiana Jones and they’re systematically asset stripping the company that came with them.

So what does that mean for the future of Star Wars? Well, the news from the LucasArts shutdown suggests that Disney are more than happy to license the Star Wars name, it’s easy money after all, but how much quality control can we count on them for? They haven’t exactly shown any interest in keeping existing Star Wars fans happy so I’m thinking, not much. Episode 7 is an unknown quantity but given everything else I’m inclined to expect the worst. Not that I’ll be rushing to find out, if I hear it’s good from people I trust I’ll watch it on TV one day so Disney don’t get any money from me.

Baring an unexpected U-Turn I’m going to save myself any more disappointment and consider Star Wars finished when the Clone Wars ‘bonus content’ is released.