Farscape : A Prefect Murder

February 25, 2015 in Farscape by Firebird


The crew lands on a planet divided by generations of clan war. After experiencing strange hallucinations, Aeryn is subliminally coerced into assassinating a clan leader. When Crichton also starts having hallucinations, they must uncover the planet’s political machinations in order to prevent more killings.


So, either you’re going to be screaming “OMG it’s Father Jack!” or if you’ve never seen Father Ted it will totally pass you by.


Meanwhile fans of Star Wars ought to recognise this guy.


The episode has a strange structure, jumping backwards and forwards sometimes repeating, sometimes seeing events from another point of view until the assassination actually happens.

This guy is the villain’s henchman and the one responsible for creating the bugs that control first Aeryn and then Crichton, but once they realise what’s going on our heroes prove a little harder to manipulate than he’d counted on.