Looking Back At Season Five

March 9, 2013 in Guest Blogs, The Clone Wars by Firebird

A guest blog by RogerRoger

It’s been about a week since the fifth season’s finale so I think now is the perfect time to write my thoughts on it.

There was a lot of fan and media hype surrounding the season prior to its start date, with the two trailers we were given promising a lot of awesome stuff. Did it live up to the hype? Well, not really. No. At least not in my humble opinion.

Things began nicely with Revival, the first episode of Season Five’s Darth Maul story arc. This was the best season premiere the show has done. It had a great story, great characters, solid voice acting, plenty of action, great music. It was just a thoroughly entertaining episode. Aside from a couple of minor issues the season was off to a very strong start.


Next we got the four episode Onderon arc. This arc had potential I will say, but the glaring continuity issues, weak plot, slow pacing, uninteresting or annoying new characters, uninspired voice acting and minimal action didn’t make it a fun one to sit through. I don’t know what happened with the writers. Boring. Tipping Points was good though. I was expecting the arc to be more like that episode based on the trailers. Also the animation did feel like step back as others have said before. Disappointing. Trimmed down to three episodes it may not have been so bad.


After that came Young Jedi. This arc had nice visuals (not up to the usual TCW standard but still nice) and some good action. None of the new characters were interesting, and one was particularly annoying (there’s always one right ? ) Hondo’s characterization was jarring too. But it was nice to see Grievous was still being used as a capable fighter rather than the imcompetent fool from previous seasons. This is just my opinion but I think The Gathering would have worked perfectly well as a standalone episode. I watched each episode of this arc together and it does run out of steam and gets a bit boring.


Next up was the awesome awful droids story arc. Other than the cameos from characters such as Aayla Secura, Tera Sinube and Neyo, the introduction of Gregor and his “final” battle against the droids and the Venator explosion there was nothing I could say I enjoyed about this arc. The absence of a plot and engaging characters makes me think why did they make it last as long as it did? That, for me, was a BIG mistake. A Sunny Day in the Void was quite possibly the worst episode for any show to use as its mid-season finale and was by far the worst episode of the TCW.


After that endurance test Maul finally came back. This was the best arc of the season. It lived up to my high expectations and featured some of the strongest voice performances and best action sequences of the series. Eminence’s only problem was the pacing. It needed another episode to fully flesh things out, but the action sequences and music were awesome and made the episode for me. Shades of Reason was another great episode but not as great as the other Maul episodes this season because of its failures in logic. The Lawless was spectacular! It still had some minor pacing issues but everything else was perfect. The music, fight choreography, animation, voice acting. I feel like I could gush on and on about how much there was to love in this episode.


Last but not least was the Ahsoka arc. I wasn’t a fan of Sabotage but the rest of the story was great. The chase sequence in The Jedi Who Knew Too Much, Ahsoka’s team-up with Ventress, and the very last scene between her and Anakin were all really great. Kevin Kiner outdid himself in the music department too. My only complaints would be how painfully obvious it was that Barriss was the one setting Ahsoka up and plot contrivances such as the Military compound lacking a sufficient surveillance system and the Jedi Council being so short sighted about the situation. Ahsoka has come a long way since her debut in the TCW feature film and she has become one of my very favourite Star Wars characters. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the character.


Overall Season Five was just OK. It had much to improve upon. If I were to give it a rating I think a 6/10 would be fair. I hope Season Six is better.

If Disney is smart they will air it.