Star Trek : Galileo 7

February 16, 2015 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs

A Guest Blog by Mindless-Droid


This week’s classic Star trek episode is Galileo 7. The Enterprise is on route to Markus III with urgent medical supplies. The ship will pass close to the quasar Murasaki 312. Captain Kirk decides to stop and study the quasar over the objections of High Commissioner Ferris who tells Kirk that the medical supplies need to be delivered to Markus III within 5 days. Since they are three days away Kirk decides to go ahead with the study. Spock leads a team in the Galileo 7 shuttlecraft. Shortly after launch the ship encounters turbulence and is thrown off course losing contact with the Enterprise. The quasar makes sensors useless and Kirk must find a way to find the stranded shuttle in a vast area of space before time runs out.


The shuttle has made an emergency landing on a lone planet in the center of the quasar. Upon inspection Scotty finds that the ship has been damaged and that they have lost a great deal of fuel. Scotty finds that they will need to lose 500 pounds to achieve orbit meaning three of the team will have to stay behind. Lieutenant Boma suggests they draw straws but Spock says he will make the decision logically causing tension among the crew. Back on the Enterprise Uhura acting as science officer discovers the one planet in the area that can support life. With tension high between Kirk and Ferris the enterprise begins the search.


As two of the team conduct a scouting mission they come under attack by large cave man like giants. Latimer is killed and Gaetano is successful in driving them off with his phaser. Spock arrives and logically analyzes the situation which angers Boma and Gaetano that Spock would be so unfeeling when one of them has been killed.


On the enterprise the search grows futile as sensors are still inoperative and shuttle flyovers reveal nothing. Kirk orders wider search patterns in hope of getting a lucky find. Back on the planet the crew has lightened the shuttle by 150 pounds and with the death of Latimer this means only one person will have to stay behind. Boma enters the shuttle telling Spock that they are ready for Latimer’s funeral. Spock deems it more important for him to help in the repairs which angers Boma and McCoy as Spock is in command and it’s his responsibility. During the repairs a tube ruptures spilling the last of the fuel and making take off impossible. Scotty says they are done but Spock says there are always alternatives.

Outside loud grinding noises are heard. Boma and Spock argue on how to defend against the giants. Spock’s plan is to scare them with phaser fire. Spock Gaetano and Boma move out and use the phasers to frighten the creatures and it appears to work. They leave Gaetano on guard duty and head back to the ship. Scotty has come up with a plan to use the phaser’s energy as fuel but leaving them defenseless.


Gaetano is attacked and killed by the creatures. Spock McCoy and Boma look for him but he is missing Spock orders them back to the ship along with the phasers he will find Gaetano. Spock finds Gaetano’s body and is chased back to the ship by the creatures who start pounding it with rocks. Scotty electrifies the hull scaring them away. Boma and Spock but heads again as Boma wants to conduct the funeral for his fallen comrades. Spock relents stating as long as the creatures allow it. The Enterprise landing parties have also encountered the creatures suffering casualties. On the bridge Ferris informs Kirk that his time is running out. Kirk orders all search teams and shuttles to return. Uhura informs him the last shuttle will return in 23 minutes.


The phaser transfer is completed and Scotty tells Spock they have enough fuel to achieve orbit make it last for a few hours and enough for a controlled reentry. Spock tells Boma that they have ten minutes for the funerals and that he will assist in them. Back on the Enterprise all search teams have returned and Kirk orders a space normal speed and course to Markus III with all sensors pointing aft. On the planet the funeral is interrupted by the creatures. Spock is trapped by a boulder thrown at the crew. He orders them to leave him and take off but they free Spock and board the ship. The engines are working but they are being held down by the creature.


Spock hits the boosters and frees the ship. They achieve orbit but using the boosters has eliminated all hopes of a controlled reentry. Scotty reminds Spock of his statement that there are always alternative to which Spock says he may have been wrong. Calculating that they only have 45 minutes left Spock on an act of desperation jettisons the fuel and ignites it hopping the Enterprise will see the flare. Sulu scanning notices the flare and Kirk orders the ship back to the planet. They beam out the survivors just as the shuttle burns up in the atmosphere. As the ship heads to Markus III Kirk confronts Spock on his emotional act of desperation. Spock defends the decision as the only logical course of action left to him. Kirk bluntly asks him if he would admit to a purely emotional act to which Spock replies, “No sir.”

Another good season one episode. Lots of action and adventure on the planet. We get some insight into Spock’s character and his balancing of his human and Vulcan side. His interaction with the emotional Boma and trying to save the crew logically made for some dramatic moments. The tension of the search and the tension between kirk and Ferris is well played. I like that they made Ferris competent in this one his decisions were always aimed at saving the most lives possible. It is a nice contrast to the bumbling Starfleet bureaucrats we see in other episodes. Scotty was once again the miracle worker. We see his ingenuity here which will become his trademark. This episode also shows the relationship between Spock and McCoy which will also be played up more as the series moves on. The re-mastered version of this episode is nicely done enhancing the Murasaki quasar and the Galileo’s flare. All in all a great episode. Even though we lost several crewman no red shirts were harmed in this episode. Sort of makes you wander about all the red shirt clichés.

{Editor’s note – this is the last of the Original Trek blogs but the next episode “Squire of Gothos” was the first blog so you can continue in broadcast order by going back to it. Thanks Mindless-Droid and Siblings for a great run!}