Farscape : I Shrink Therefore I Am

February 11, 2015 in Farscape by Firebird


When Moya is raided by bounty hunters working for the Peacekeepers, every crew member is captured except for Crichton and Noranti. The armoured intruders shrink the captives and imprison them inside holding cavities in their torsos – if Crichton harms them, he endangers his friends as well. Finding that Scorpius is also free and on the run, Crichton teams up with him to fight off the menace, unaware that the leader of the bounty hunters has a hidden agenda.


Noranti doesn’t actually contribute much to the story spending most of it in a drug induced coma. Crichton comes up with several creative ways to kill the bounty hunters until only four of them are left.


In the process Scorpius is captured and discovers that the lead bounty hunter is, unknown to his followers, a Scarran.


Crichton tells the other bounty hunters and when one of them goes to check he and the other two are killed by their boss. It’s left to Crichton to take out the Scarran which he does with a battle of shrink rays and a final stomp of his boot.


The episode sees Scorpius almost a member of the crew and discussions about Moya traveling into ‘Tormented Space’.