Star Trek : Shore Leave

February 9, 2015 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs

A Guest Blog by Mindless-Droid


This week’s classic Star Trek episode is Shore Leave. After a grueling three month stretch the Enterprise arrives at a planet in the Omicron Delta region. The planet seems idyllic. Sulu and Doctor McCoy taking part in a scouting survey believe it to be a great place for the crew to have shore leave. McCoy even comments that it’s something out of Alice in Wonderland. As Sulu goes to take biology samples a white rabbit appears claiming to be late followed by a young girl chasing after him.


Shore leave is authorized and as the crew prepares for shore leave McCoy reports his sighting to Captain Kirk. Spock pulling a report from Doctor McCoy stating that Kirk is in need of rest convinces him to beam down to the planet. Kirk meets up with McCoy and he shows Kirk the rabbit’s footprints. Kirk orders shore leave to be put on hold. Just then shots ring out it seems Sulu has found an antique firearm one that coincidently he has wanted for his collection. The group splits up to investigate and as McCoy and Kirk walk back to the glade were McCoy first encountered the rabbit an antenna is seen following their movements. Soon more strange things appear usually after someone has mentioned them. Kirk encounters a practical joker Finnegan from his academy days after telling McCoy about him. Don Juan appears to Yeoman Barrows who she had been thinking of. Kirk (Of course) sees an old flame.


Kirk has the landing party rendezvous at the glade where they beamed down. Meanwhile back on the Enterprise Spock has detected an energy field below the surface of the planet. It is very powerful and seems to be draining energy from the ship and disrupting communications. More things appear as people think of them a dress for Yeoman Barrow, a tiger, and a samurai warrior. Kirk reports the strange occurrences to Spock back on the ship. Spock having determined that the energy field is absorbing all power from its source uses the last of the power to beam down and report his findings to Kirk.


Back at the glade McCoy tells Barrow that she shouldn’t be afraid with a brave knight to protect her just then a knight appears and McCoy says that it can’t be real and stands his ground the knight lances McCoy and kills him after which kirk shoots the knight with the pistol Sulu found. Sulu discovers that the knight wasn’t a living being. Spock discovers that everything on the planet is made of the same cellular makeup. As they investigate McCoy’s body vanishes. A fighter plane making a strafing run kills another crewman. Spock begins to theorize that the planet is reading peoples thoughts and manufacturing them in the real world. Kirk’s tormentor from the past reappears and he chases him out into the country side. After a brief fight Kirk is knocked unconscious. Kirk comes to and finally gains the upper hand on Finnegan and asks him what he is doing here to which Finnegan replies he is being exactly what Kirk expects him to be.


Spock shows up asks Kirk if he enjoyed the fight. Kirk realizes that he did indeed enjoy it. Spock theorizes that thoughts are being read and manufactured as real things. The landing party regroups at the glade and Kirk orders everyone to stand at attention and not even think. Just then a caretaker appears and explains that they had not realized that the Enterprise crew didn’t understand what the planet was made for and that his race built it for their amusement. McCoy reappears unharmed and explains that they have an amazing manufacturing center underground where they can do anything. The caretaker explains that his people built all this for amusement and invites the crew to stay and enjoy themselves. Kirk authorizes shore leave for the crew.


This was one of those fun episodes. You pretty much can figure out what is happening especially with the antenna showing up and everyone’s thoughts becoming real. We get a little back story on Kirk from his academy days. This is also another of those episodes with an interesting alien culture that you wish you could learn more about even though they don’t even get a name in this one. No red shirts were harmed in this episode and if they would have been the caretaker would have fixed them up.