The Day of the Triffids – Episode 6

December 11, 2014 in Cult TV by Firebird


Spring, 6 years later. Bill returns to the farm from a foraging trip in London. He and Jo have a son, the other couple have a daughter and Susan is all grown up. They’ve built a triffid proof fence but the triffids congregate outside in ever larger numbers. Bill regularly clears them with a flame-thrower but they keep coming back, the last count was over a thousand.


The next day Jo goes downstairs to find that there are triffids outside the window, they’ve broken through the fence. Bill and Susan burn them down but it’s clear that they can’t keep this up forever. On a rare outing Bill and Jo discuss what really caused the blindness. Bill wonders if it might have been some kind of orbital weapon rather than a comet and the mysterious disease, where did that come from.


Returning to the farm they find an unexpected visitor. Coker has arrived in a helicopter. He’s with a large group on the Isle of Wight where they’ve managed to eradicate the triffids. Seeds still blow across but they hunt down and destroy the seedlings before they can become a problem. But that’s not enough, they want Bill to join them to research a selective killer for triffids, a way to finish them off for good. They agree that they’ll go at the end of the summer.


Just as things are starting to look up what should turn up on their doorstep but a tank! The military types who push their way into the house have their own ideas about how things should be run. They intend to allocate 18 blind people to the farm to meet their quota of 10 blind to one sighted and to take Susan away with them. Bill and the others aren’t happy about this as they know the smallholding can’t support that many people and they’ve come to regard Susan as their daughter but rather than starting a fight they can’t win Bill invites the four armed men to spend the night. They proceed to get their guests stinking drunk and Bill sneaks out to sabotage their tank.


At dawn the two families slip from the house and drive away, turning off the electric fence and leaving the gates open. They head off towards the Isle of White and a hopeful future, a voice over by Bill speculating on one day coming back and reclaiming the mainland from the triffids.