The Day of the Triffids – Episode 5

December 9, 2014 in Cult TV by Firebird


The footstep are not Jo. It’s Coaker, his group have fallen sick just as Bill’s did and he realises that Beadley was right after all. The two take trucks and set off to the location written on a blackboard at Beadley’s headquarters.


Arriving at Tynsham they find a Christian group who fell out with the majority, wanting to stick to more conservative social attitudes. Beadley and his people moved on. Jo is, not surprisingly not with them. Coaker, still the idealist, wants to stay and help but only if they are willing to listen to his advice so that their community is workable, but they won’t listen and realising the futility of staying and not wanting to make the same mistake again he opts to move on with Bill.


Driving by day and sleeping in their trucks by night Bill and Coaker look for the main community. As they travel Coaker starts to become paranoid about the triffids, he also decides that he’s going back to Tynsham. He’ll need to use more subtlety to get them to do what he wants but he’s sure of one thing, without being part of a community there is no future. Bill still wants to find Jo so the two part company.


On his way to the farmhouse that Jo had talked about Bill finds a young, sighted girl called Susan and since she’s alone takes her with him. Driving through a stormy night they see a light and following it finally finding Jo. Leaving Susan with Jo and her friends Bill drives back to Tynsham but finds the front gates open and the grounds full of triffids. In the house the dead were struck down by the mystery disease rather than triffids but nobody is left alive. Bill returns to the farm and tells them the bad news. It looks like they’ll just have to make a go of it by themselves.