The Day of the Triffids – Episode 4

December 4, 2014 in Cult TV by Firebird


As Bill struggles to free himself a blind man arrives with a cup of tea. He explains that Bill is tied up under the orders of Coaker, the man arguing at the gates the day before. The man himself soon arrives. He intends to force the sighted people he’s kidnapped to lead groups of the blind and he’s got Jo too. Bill is shipped off, handcuffed to his group.

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They move in to a small, family run hotel. During the day Bill guides is group, collecting food and at night he writes a letter to Jo, despite the fact that he has no way to get it to her. Some of the people in the hotel fall ill. Bill has them moved to the house next-door in an attempt to prevent whatever it is spreading. On another food gathering expedition they are shot at and one of the men Bill is handcuffed to is killed. He overpowers the other and frees himself. But despite being free he doesn’t abandon the group.

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With his hands now free Bill can drive making their foraging times quicker and more wide ranging. While he’s investigating the cellar of a small shop a triffid attacks killing several men before he can get the others to safety. Back at the hotel more are falling sick and dying. Bill decides that he’s doing no good, just putting off the inevitable, he can’t save these people but has a change of heart only to wake and find nobody left by one dying girl. He loads up with weapons and ammunition and goes looking for Jo. He finds a group of the dead and dying in a large hotel, maybe they were Jo’s group but she’s not there. Returning to the abandoned headquarters of Beadley’s group he hears footsteps.

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