The Day of the Triffids – Episode 3

December 2, 2014 in Cult TV by Firebird


Bill and Jo escape the crowd, slipping out of the car and finding another. After collecting anti-Triffid gear and other essential supplies they spend the night in a ‘show flat’, nicely equipped but safely unoccupied. While they eat they discuss what to do next. Jo knows a place in Sussex, a farm with water and it’s own electricity supply. The perfect place. Bill is a little bit concerned that it might not be remote enough, but they leave that decision until later. Bill spots a flashing light on a distant building but says it’s not safe to investigate at night. It certainly isn’t safe. A blind man collecting veg from his garden is struck down by a hunting Triffid.

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Driving to the location of the light Bill and Jo witness one sighted man arguing with some others who are locked behind high gates, insisting that they should help the blind people he’s gathered together. Later they debate the morality and practicality of their two options. Try to help others or leave London and try to survive. Jo isn’t happy with it but they decide to join the sighted camp. Arriving they find a large and well organised group, mostly sighted with a few blind husbands, wives and children. Bill and Jo help collect supplies, the group is also planning to move out of the city soon. It’s leader, Beadley isn’t concerned about Triffids despite Bill’s explanations and isn’t keen on taking the anti-Triffid gear.

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Later the leaders of the group explain their plans for the future. Those who don’t agree with them are free to set up their own community. Bill and Jo are going to join them but during the night there’s a fire. Bill falls as he’s trying to escape and wake to find himself chained to a bed with his hands bound.

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