Star Trek : Miri

December 1, 2014 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs

A Guest Blog by Mindless-Droid


This week’s classic Star trek episodes is Miri. The Enterprise picks up an Earth like distress call from a solar system in the far reaches of the galaxy. As they approach the planet from which the distress call originates it is discovered that the planet is an exact duplicate of Earth.

Kirk decides to beam down to investigate and when they arrive they find what looks like Earth of the late 1960’s only desolate and decayed. Spock theorizes that it has been that way for several centuries. As they walk down the main street they are attacked by a disfigured humanoid. Kirk subdues it and they find that although filled with rage it has the mind of a child and as they try to talk to him he has a seizure and dies. Soon after the landing party here’s a noise from a nearby building. They find a teen age girl hiding in a closet. She is terrified of them but Kirk and Rand convince her that they mean her no harm. Miri then explains how the “grups” or grownups became sick and violent like the creature that attacked them and that now only the “onlies” or children are left. Kirk asks Miri to take them to the place where the doctors worked. As Kirk is talking to Miri she says he’s different from the other grups he’s nice but as Kirk reaches out his hand Miri sees a blue splotch on his hand and they realize that Kirk is infected with the disease that kills the grups.


Upon arriving at the building Miri had led them to. They discover the source of the distress call and a large laboratory. Going through the records they discover that the scientists were working on a life prolongation project only something went terribly wrong. The virus they created wiped out the adult population in a short time but spared the children and although it prolonged the children’s lives when each of them enter puberty the physical changes make them susceptible to the disease and they contract it and die.

The other children fearing that the Enterprise crew are up to something dangerous because they are grups and they remember the before times when the grups were violent devise a plan to steal the little boxes that they talk into to stop whatever it is they are doing. As Spock and McCoy race to find a cure Kirk takes Miri to find the other children but they are attacked by another creature Kirk stuns her and she dies. Miri tells Kirk that the girls name was Louise and that she was just a little older than her.

Returning to the lab Spock calculates that they only have seven days left. Just then they hear the children and rush outside. It’s a trick and John sneaks into the lab and steals the communicators and without the communicator they are unable to use the ship’s computers to find a cure. As the disease progresses everyone is on edge. After Kirk snaps at McCoy Rand breaks down and runs out of the room. Kirk follows her and she reveals that the disease has spared. Kirk comforts her and Miri who has a crush on Kirk sees this. Miri returns to the other children and decides to lure Rand away so that Kirk will no doubt try to find her and will be unable to help with what the children think is the evil plan they are working on.


After Rand goes missing Kirk asks Miri to tell him where she is and that if they don’t find her and the communicators everyone will die. Kirk then shows Miri her arm which now has the telltale blue splotch of the disease. Miri takes kirk to where Rand is being held by the children. They try to explain what will happen but at first the children who have grown to distrust and fear grups are resistant. After a brief confrontation in which the children attack Kirk he convinces them that what he says is the truth by showing them the blood on him and his blood on their hands and that they have become what they have feared.

Meanwhile at the lab McCoy becomes impatient as they have found what they believe is a cure but without the ships computers can’t verify what dosage to give or if it will cure or kill. Spock goes to check on Kirk’s progress leaving McCoy alone. McCoy unwilling to wait injects himself with the serum. He collapses after calling to Spock. Spock finds McCoy unconscious just as Kirk arrives with the communicators. As they stand over McCoy they realize that the blemishes on his face are fading and the cure is a success. The ship leaves orbit and Kirk tells Rand that he has contacted Space Central to send teachers and advisors to help the children.


This is one of Star Trek’s better episodes. It has just enough science fiction to make it Star Trek but it mainly focuses on the characters. The scene where the first creature attacks the landing party is very dramatic scary and sad. First we see McCoy as he places the tricycle they find back on the ground gently as if he is thinking of its owner who has died. Then there is the violent fear and rage of the attacker contrast against his child like plea to fix his tricycle but as he is subdued and dies clutching his precious toy it is a very sad scene especially when you learn later that he may have been normal only a week before.

Having the children as antagonists was a nice twist. Miri’s fear of Kirk and the crew at first was a good way to convey that the disease made those infected violent and scary. Her subsequent fear when Louise attacked them and when she discovered the disease had started to infect her move the story along in a way that you really felt for her and the other children.


I liked how they portrayed the children. It was almost a junior Road Warrior type thing. Having lived so long without adults they developed their own society. The scene when Kirk confronts them is quite dramatic. The slow chat of Nyah nyah nyah-nyah nyah is unsettling and the “bonk bonk on the head” even though it sounds childish is still threatening. It’s also funny that they call Kirk “Mr. Lovey dovey.” Having Kirk convince them that what he says is true by showing them his blood on their hands and making them realize they had become what they feared was a nice way to tie up the story and make the children seem sympathetic in the end.

Even though you know the heroes wouldn’t die it was still a suspenseful episode with good tension. I liked Spock’s line “…it could be a beaker full of death.” McCoy risking the cure was a nice touch and I liked how they retrieved the communicators with three hours left instead of the usual at last split second. Surprisingly the two red shirts that beamed down with the landing party survived the episode.