The Day of the Triffids – Episode 2

November 25, 2014 in Cult TV by Firebird


In the hospital Bill soon discovers that everyone, patients, doctors and nurses have been blinded. The doctor he was talking to falls from a balcony and dies. Somewhere else in the city a young woman leaves her home and drives away. Not realising that the blindness is widespread when her car stops she’s captured by a knife wielding man who intends to use her to see for him.

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Wandering the streets Bill comes across a young girl who can obviously see. He followers her and finds her parents, both alive but blind. He talks with the father who on hearing that Bill hasn’t found anyone else who can see begs him to stay with them. He predicts that everything will soon go mad. People are too frightened to move right now but when they get hungry they’ll be killing each other over scraps. Bill declines, he wants to find out what’s going on.

A bunch of drunken hooligans wander the streets lead by their one sighted member, taking what they want. Later in his explorations Bill comes across the young woman who is being beaten by her captor and he rescues her. Her name is Jo. She was looking for help for her father and his housekeeper and now wants to get back to them. Bill asks if he can go with her and she’s more than happy to say yes.

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Back at Jo’s house they find first the housekeeper and then her father dead, killed by triffids. They have a close escape themselves and later see what seems to be triffids herding people through the streets.

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Bill wants to collect some anti-triffid gear but as they try to go past a group looting a vegetable truck the car stalls and they are surrounded.

In this episode the scale of the disaster starts to become apparent. The very few left who can see have both a massive advantage over those blinded but also an ability that they will want to make use of. Meanwhile the triffids are exploiting the situation and it’s starting to look like Bill’s friend might have been right about them being much more intelligent than people think.