Star Trek : What are Little Girls Made Of

November 24, 2014 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs

A Guest Blog by Mindless-Droid


This week’s classic Star Trek episode is What are Little Girls Made Of. The Enterprise is sent to Exo III a barren planet with a fading star to investigate the disappearance of Doctor Roger Korby a well-known medical archeologist and former fiancé of Nurse Chapel. Korby’s expedition went silent five years ago after a message that said they had found underground caverns. After several attempts to contact Korby he replies. Korby insists that Kirk beam down alone because of a remarkable discovery he has found but when he hears Chapel he invites her as well.


Kirk and Chapel beam down but there is no one to greet them. Kirk has two security officers beamed down (with red shirts uh oh) leaving one Rayburn at the cave entrance Kirk, Chapel and Matthews proceed into the caverns. Kirk and Chapel encounter Korby’s assistant Doctor Brown. Meanwhile Matthews apparently falls to his death and Rayburn is suffocated by a large humanoid.


Kirk and Chapel are led deeper into the caverns where Brown explains as the star faded the inhabitants of the planet moved underground. Kirk meets Korby and Korby insists that there be no communication with the ship after Kirk loses contact with Rayburn. Korby introduces them to Andrea and has her attempt to subdue Kirk but after a brief struggle Kirk hits Brown with a phaser shot and it is revealed that Brown was an android. Ruk the large humanoid that killed the security men arrives and subdues Kirk.


Korby’s discovery is that the ancient race that lived on Exo III had discovered a way to make duplicate androids of living people. Ruk is the last surviving android built by the old ones. Korby plans to build an android civilization superior to that of humans. To demonstrate this he uses the machines left by the old ones to duplicate Kirk but as the machine is transferring Kirk’s memories into the android body Kirk repeats “Mind your own business Mr. Spock’s I’m sick of your half breed interference”. Later Chapel is reunited with Kirk but is fooled by the android version. Korby then sends the android Kirk up to the Enterprise to retrieve the ship’s command packet to find a colony to start his experiment.


While retrieving the packet android Kirk encounters Spock and repeats the phrase Kirk said in the duplicator raising concern in Spock that something is wrong. Meanwhile on the planet Kirk attempts another escape and is stopped by Ruk. Kirk then gets Ruk to talk about the Old Ones and how they built their machines too well and began turning them off resulting in the machines revolting and destroying their masters. Ruk realizes that Korby is set to follow the old Ones example and confronts him. Korby is then forced to destroy Ruk. In the resulting scuffle between Kirk and Korby part of Korby’s hand is injured revealing that he too is an android. Korby tries to explain that he was dying and the only way to survive was to transfer to the android body but when he tries to show that he is still human he can’t and sounds just like a machine. Korby surrenders but Andrea who Kirk had confused by stirring unknown emotions in her will not. Andrea professes her love for Korby and kisses him but while embraced Korby pulls the trigger of the phaser that she is holding killing them both.


This is one of those good character episodes. It has just the right amount of science fiction contrasted with the character study. We get some background on Nurse Chapel this is when Trek is at its best. Korby’s quest for immortality at the sacrifice of his humanity resulted in his eventual downfall. This is also one of those episodes in which I wish we could have learned more about the alien race of the week. The Old Ones were very interesting in the brief description provided by Ruk. The re-mastered planet shots were very well down and looked great. The best scene was at the end when Spock and the security arrive and he asks where is Doctor Korby and Kirk replies “Doctor Korby was never here.” This episode also saw the loss of two red shirts Matthews and Rayburn.