Farscape : Crichton Kicks

December 10, 2014 in Farscape by Firebird


Continuing work on his theories of wormhole technology, Crichton ekes out an existence on board Elack – an old, dying Leviathan. The peace is shattered by the intrusion of a female alien, Sikozu, and a squad of Grudek mercenaries intent on harvesting Elack’s neural tissue. Crichton fights to save his new home, his struggle hindered by the Grudeks’ pet: a vicious and deadly alien canine called the Brindz Hound.


Season 4 begins with Crichton having grown another one of his impressive Robinson Crusoe beards. In his isolation he has made friends with Elack’s pilot of course but also acquired a pet DRD which he’s called 1812 and taught to play the 1812 overture.


Crichton’s tendency to vivid daydreaming continues with visits to a heavily pregnant Aeryn sunbathing on a beach and the wonderfully surreal sight of Harvey in a loud Hawaiian shirt and straw hat running along the beach with a couple of women in bikinis. John is obviously having a bad influence on him.


We meet a new character Sikozu, who has an interesting ability to defy gravity and reconnect severed limbs. Chiana and Rygel turn up having found life away from Moya a little bit harder than they’d imagine. A combination of Chiana’s visions of the future getting them in trouble gambling and Commandant Grayza having placed massive bounties on all of Moya’s crew’s heads.

Once the Grudek mercenaries are finished off Elack and her pilot leave the Leviathan holy place to take everyone to a planet where they might find their friends.