Farscape : Dog With Two Bones

December 3, 2014 in Farscape by Firebird


Moya transports the remains of Talyn to a sacred Leviathan burial ground. Those on board are at a crossroads, each wanting to pursue a separate path. Crichton dreams of returning to Earth with Aeryn at his side, but Aeryn is unsure. Upon entering the graveyard, Moya is attacked by a huge rouge Leviathan. The crew must team up once more to save their home, but it seems that no matter which way the battle goes, their intertwined fates are sure to unravel.


This episode takes part half in Crichton’s head where he’s imagining being back on Earth and marrying Aeryn.


Moya gains a creepy old woman. She’s just there and the crew keep wondering where she came from.


D’Argo’s ship destroys the rouge Leviathan.

Crichton’s visions turn dark, with Peacekeepers shooting up his wedding and killing everyone. He finally realises that he can’t reconcile his life and friends on Moya with a return to Earth. He decides that what he wants is Aeryn but she doesn’t want him to go with her. She can’t face seeing him die again and won’t be persuaded. She says that if they are fated to be together they’ll meet again.

D’Argo sets out in his ship to get revenge on the man who killed his wife. Chiana and Rygel also leave in a transport pod.

Crichton is sitting in his module, almost out of fuel, feeling sorry for himself when a wormhole opens and grabs Moya leaving him stranded.


“You have got to be kidding me!”

One heck of an end of season cliffhanger.