Farscape : Into the Lion’s Den – Part 2 Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

November 26, 2014 in Farscape by Firebird


Crichton is making incredible breakthroughs in his wormhole research, accessing information previously locked away. His crewmates are not so sure about the success of the plan, and are debating whether to leave or stay. Crais also has his own interests at heart, and when he is denied access to Talyn by the Peackeepers, he realizes he needs a bargaining chip. He goes to Scorpius and reveals Crichton’s true intentions: to sabotage the wormhole research and destroy the Carrier. The plan blown, Moya’s crew is immediately arrested, and it seems all is lost.



It looks like Crais has betrayed everyone, but it’s just a trick. He’s realised that the only way to destroy the Command Carrier is to use Talyn and for that he needs Scorpius to believe that the plot against him has been unmasked. He also need a distraction and to that end Crichton takes Scorpius on a little joy ride into a worm hole. “Flying through wormholes isn’t like dusting crops”. Gotta love those occasional shout-outs.

On their return Crais gets Talyn to Starburst destroying both of them and starting a process which will cause the entire Command Carrier to gradually implode.


The plan works


and Moya’s crew escape. After starting out as a rather predictable villain Crais is finally redeemed, sacrificing himself to stop the Peacekeepers acquiring wormhole technology and to save his friends.