Farscape : Into the Lion’s Den – Part 1 Lambs to the Slaughter

November 19, 2014 in Farscape by Firebird


The crew board Scorpius’ Command Carrier under the falsehood that Crichton is there to master wormhole technology. The ex-Peacekeepers Aeryn and Crais are forced to confront their past lives, and D’Argo, Rygel, Chiana, and Jool encounter unhidden hostility from all sides. Talyn is also implicated, brought on board for a cognitive replacement. While Crichton searches for a way to sabotage the Carrier, he is being watched by Scorpius, who is ready to exact deadly retribution if Crichton does not cooperate.


The whole crew onboard a Peacekeeper Command Carrier trusting Scorpius to keep his word?


Even Harvey thinks this is a bad idea.


We meet a new Peacekeeper villian, Commandant Mele-On Grayza. When Hevy’s Blake’s 7 blog gets to Servalan you might just think there’s a similarity or two.


By the end of the episode the stakes are higher than ever and Crichton is no longer sure that he’s doing the right thing. Scorpius knows his time is running out, Commandant Grayza will return and take over, closing down his wormhole research. But he’s got an ace up his sleeve, he’s found Earth and uses this fact to threaten Crichton.