Another one bites the dust

January 14, 2012 in The Clone Wars by Firebird

I admit it, I had high hopes for Ahsoka Tano. Finally a role model for little girls who wasn’t all about looking pretty to attract a boy. Girls can be Jedi too. Yay!

Maybe that hope, that wish for her has coloured my judgement? Maybe she was never going to be the model Jedi that I imagined? After all her Master is Anakin Skywalker destined to become Darth Vader. Maybe the intention was always to have her mirror his flaws and fail? and for goodness sake, look how she dresses! What WAS I thinking?!

But no, I convinced myself that she’d be fine, the clothes were a TV thing, they could appeal to male viewers while still having her stay true to the Jedi Code, right? Apparently no and “A Friend in Need” came as a nasty shock. The hand holding, the doe-eyed looks, the contrived kiss and then finally, the mournful farewell.


It pains me to look at this image. Goodbye Ahsoka Tano future Jedi knight, hello Disney Princess with lightsabers.