Farscape : SELF INFLICTED WOUNDS Part I: Could’a, Would’a, Should’a

July 19, 2014 in Farscape by Firebird


While searching for a planet to heal the dying Zhaan, Moya collides and fuses with a small spacecraft, seriously injuring Moya and trapping both ships in a series of looping wormholes. Crichton and the captain of the other ship, Neeyala, soon realize that one of the ships must be sacrificed if any of them are to survive.



Neeyala is not to be trusted but it’s not clear what she’s up to and how much of what she’s telling Moya’s crew is the truth.


Zhaan grows weaker but continues to try to help others.


Jool, the occupant of the final cryo-chamber, is arrogant and loud. Very loud. Her scream melts metal.


Part 1 ends with Crichton being menaced by the wormhole serpent, which Neeyala had assured them wasn’t even aware of their existence and posed no threat. Moya is dying, pilot is barely conscious and the crew have agreed that there is nothing they can do and they will have to abandon her, leaving on Neeyala’s ship.