Doctor Who Monsters A-Z : Yeti

July 13, 2014 in Dr Who, Guest Blogs by GuestBlogs

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The Yeti are the robotic servants of the Great Intelligence an entity floating around in space with no physical existence but a mind and will. For the Great Intelligence to be able to carry out it’s evil tasks, it needed physical servants. For this purpose it created the Yeti while possessing a Tibetan monk, Padmasambhava. They were designed to fit in with the surroundings of Tibet and were based off of the legendary creature of the same name. However, unlike the creatures of legend these Yeti were not timid and served as guards for the Intelligence before later serving as an army. The Yeti itself is controlled a control sphere which fits into the robots chest. The sphere can move by itself but is not dangerous unless near a Yeti. Inside the sphere was part of the essence of the Intelligence which allowed it to control all of the Yeti. However, the spheres could be tamped with so that the Yeti could be controlled by other means and used against the Intelligence.

The Great Intelligence tried to invade Earth twice, once from a Monastery in Tibet and the other by establishing a bridgehead in the London Underground. The second time the army was called in to hold them back, headed by Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart and aided by the Doctor. After this UNIT was set up to deal with any future threats to Earth, which had it’s UK devision run by a promoted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor spent a lot of his time helping UNIT during his exile on Earth and continued to serve as their scientific advisor even after he was forgiven by the Time Lords. There was a Yeti in the Death Zone on Gallifrey, however it is unknown whether it was a robotic Yeti created by the Great Intelligence or another kind.

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The Yeti first appeared in The Abominable Snowman written by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln and featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. During this the TARDIS lands in Tibet where the Doctor meets Professor Travers, an English explorer looking for the legendary Yeti. While Travers initially thinks that the Doctor murders his friend, he soon learns that it was a Yeti and the Doctor, Travers, Jamie and Victoria are forced to hold up in Det-Sen Monastery, unaware that the true threat lies within. While helping the monks to hold of the besieging Yeti, Jamie is able to capture one and after analysing it the Doctor is able to determine that it is a robot. It is soon revealed that the monk Padmasambhava is possessed by the Great Intelligence but the Doctor is able to destroy the equipment within the Monastery’s inner sanctum which expels the intelligence from Padmasambhava and allows him to die in peace. After saying their goodbyes to Travers, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria depart in the TARDIS, unaware that their battle with the Intelligence is not yet over.

The Yeti’s next appearance was in The Web of Fear written by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln and featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. During this the TARDIS is attacked and suspended in space by a strange web-like substance. After breaking free the TARDIS arrives in the London Underground where they meet up with their old friend Professor Travers who is helping an army group hold off the Yeti and a deadly fungus which is covering the tunnels like a web. After most of the army group in wiped out in a futile attempt to find the TARDIS, the remaining survivors learn that what the intelligence really wants is to drain the Doctor’s mind. While a possessed Travers takes Victoria hostage, the Doctor is only given a little time in which to give himself up and decides to use this time to tamper with a sphere and put it under his control, subsequently allowing him to control a Yeti. The Doctor then gives himself up and prepares to have his essence drained, telling everyone not to interfere. However, Jamie uses the remote control Yeti to destroy the Intelligence’s equipment, once again expelling it. An upset Doctor then reveals that he had crossed the wires so that he would have drained the Intelligence instead of the other way around. While the others celebrate the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria slip away quietly and head off once again in the TARDIS, hoping that they will never encounter the Intelligence again.

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That’s all for the Yeti, now it’s onto the final edition of this A-Z of Doctor Who monsters as we take a look at the shape shifting Zygons next week.