Farscape : LIARS, GUNS AND MONEY Part I: A Not So Simple Plan

June 7, 2014 in Farscape by Firebird


Stark returns with a plan to buy the lot of slaves that includes D’Argo’s son, Jothee. He proposes that the crew rob a Shadow Depository – a high-security bank for ill-gotten wealth – run by the powerful, insidious alien Natira. An apparent hitch in the plan leads to D’Argo’s capture, and though the heist kicks into action, its objective now includes retrieving the Luxan. Incredibly, it transpires that the currency the crew plans to steal belongs to Scorpius, who has just arrived to make a transaction!


In fact more like a very complex and involved plan which goes wrong.

The Shadow Depository is a fortress.


And it’s head Natira is no fool.


However they all make it out alive and with their ill gotten gain. Crichton has a run in with Scorpius during which he manages to overcome Scorpie’s control over him.


But there’s a sting in the tail, something nasty was in the chests of loot and at the end of the episode it’s loose in the cargo hold.