Doctor Who : The Lazarus Experiment

May 28, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird


The TARDIS arrives at Martha’s flat the morning after she’d left. She’s a little surprised, but the Doctor did say “just one trip” even if it sort of escalated. On TV Martha’s sister Latisha is standing behind an old man who boasts that he’s going to change what it means to be human. The after they say goodbye the TARDIS dematerialises and then a couple of seconds later returns because the Doctor can’t ignore that sweeping statement on the TV.


Professor Lazarus is discussing the up coming publicity stunt when Latisha walks in. Lazarus, despite being a decrepit old man tries to come on to Latisha which she’s naturally a bit creeped out by.

Later that day the Doctor accompanies Martha to the event. It’s black tie and the Doctor has had to dress up. They meet first her sister and then her mother and brother. Mum does not take to the Doctor. Before it can get any worse Professor Lazarus takes the stage making some very grand pronouncements about the importance of what he’s about to demonstrate. He climbs into a cabinet which is activated with some rather TARDIS-like effects. The system starts to overload and the Doctor jumps in to shut it down before it takes out the whole building.


When it stops they open the door of the cabinet and a young man steps out. It’s Professor Lazarus!

After being congratulated by almost everyone Lazarus suddenly gets an attack of the munchies and starts stuffing down the canap├ęs. The Doctor walks up behinds him “energy deficit” he says. He quickly makes it clear that he understands the theory behind what just happened and that he doesn’t think Lazarus can have accounted for all the variables, after all the whole thing nearly blew up, but Lazarus remains smug and unconcerned. He kisses Martha’s hand and leaves with his elderly business partner Lady Thaw.


The Doctor and Martha go searching for a lab to look at the DNA sample she’s just ‘collected’. Upstairs Lazarus and Thaw remeniss.

The Doctor and Martha discover that Lazarus’s DNA is mutating. His machine effectively hacked into his DNA telling it to rejuvenate him but something has gone wrong and it hasn’t stopped. It’s trying to turn him into something else.

An argument starts between Lazarus and Thaw but then he starts to convulse and falls to the floor. Something stands up and Thaw screams.

Martha’s mum is talking to her sister and brother, she wants to know more about The Doctor, she’s not happy. Lazarus walks in and leads Latisha away. The Doctor and Martha enter Lazarus’s office where they find the desiccated corpse of Thaw. The Doctor is sure that it was Lazarus, the transformations requires energy and Thaw provided it. He may do it again. Just as the lift doors close behind them going down another pair open to reveal Lazarus and Latisha going up to the roof.

Discovering where Lazarus has gone the Doctor and Martha rush off after him, knocking Martha’s mother aside in the process. She’s even more unhappy and as she wiped off the spilled wine a man approaches and suggest that her daughter be more careful about her choice of friends.

Up on the roof the Doctor and Martha arrive and Lazarus changes. They grab Latisha and run.


The building security system goes into lockdown sealing everyone inside. The monster Lazarus arrives and feeds on one of the party guests. The Doctor leads him away with insults while Martha gets her family and everyone else out, but she then insists on returning to help him.

The Doctor blows up a lab with Lazarus in it but it seems to annoy him more than anything and certainly doesn’t slow him down. He runs into Martha who returns his sonic screwdriver and they both run. There’s an awful lot of running!

Outside the man who spoke to Martha’s mother approaches her again and tells her that the Doctor is dangerous. He whispers something else in her ear.

The Doctor and Martha reach Lazarus’s machine and hide inside it, on the basis that he won’t destroy it, even to get at them. While the Lazarus monster paces outside the Doctor start messing with the circuitry and not a moment too soon as Lazarus decides to activate it, but now it reflects energy out. When the Doctor and Martha emerge, unharmed they find a naked and human looking Lazarus lying dead on the floor.


Accompanying the body outside they find Martha’s family. Mum marches up and slaps the Doctor hard and tells him to keep away from her daughter. She then tries to warn Martha that he’s dangerous.

There’s a bang from inside the ambulance that Lazarus’s body had been loaded into. The Doctor runs over, followed by Martha and Latisha. There are two desiccated corpses in the ambulance but no sign of Lazarus. The sonic tracks Lazarus to Southwark Cathedral.


Lazarus talks about his fight to overcome death but the transformation starts to come over him. He’s going to need to feed again. Martha and Latisha lead him up to the top of the bell tower, acting as bait, while the Doctor uses the Cathedral organ and his sonic screwdriver to generate sound waves that knock Lazarus out of the bell town and transform him back. This time he stays dead.

Back at Martha’s flat the Doctor is about to leave. Martha doesn’t want to be just a passenger any more and the Doctor agrees. After a moment of misunderstanding they leave. As the TARDIS dematerialises mum calls and leaves a message on the answer phone again warning Martha that the Doctor is dangerous. This information she says, comes from Harold Saxon himself.