Doctor Who : Evolution of the Daleks

May 21, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird


Dalek Sec announces that the humans present will become like him, turned into Dalek hybrids. Before that can happen the Doctor makes his presence known. He tries to convince Sec that humans aren’t the war-like, Dalek-like species that he believes using music as an example but this is all a prelude to escaping with the prisoners. They run through the tunnels pursued by Daleks and pig guards. When they succeed in getting away two Daleks stop to discuss their opinions of Sec, they have doubts.

In Hooverville the Doctor tries to convince Solomon that everybody needs to get out before the Daleks come for them but it’s already too late. The camp is attacked by first pig guards and then two flying Daleks. Solomon tries to reason with them but they exterminate him.


The Doctor presents himself as the next victim but Sec orders that he be spared and brought back to the lab. He wants to use the Doctor’s genius. He explains the Dalek plan, showing the Doctor their collection of human bodies, their memories wiped clean ready to be filled with Dalek thoughts.

Meanwhile Martha has to figure out why the Doctor handed her his psychic paper when he left. He wants her to get in to somewhere, she just needs to work out where. She asks Frank where Diagoras was working and he directs her to the Empire State Building.

Sec continues to explain his plan, to harness the power of a solar flare to convert all the human bodies using himself as a genetic template. He now believes that Davros was wrong, that removing their emotions made the Daleks lesser than their enemies. The unaltered Daleks disagree but Sec is adamant and they must follow orders. He convinces the Doctor to help them, to create a new race of Daleks and then use the TARDIS to transport them to a new home world where they can start again.

Martha, Tallulah and Frank have made it to the constrution office at the top of the building and start searching for whatever the Daleks have done.


The Doctor and Sec continue working, ready for the solar flare, but at the last minute the other Daleks over-ride the gene feed. They have decided that Sec is an enemy and they’re going to use one hundred percent Dalek DNA for their hybrids, not Sec. Luckily for the Doctor Laszlo is there and helps him escape up to the construction office. Martha knows where the Dalekanium has been fitted and the Doctor sets off up the mast to remove it leaving the others to fight off the pig guards coming up in the lift.

Martha uses the strike to electric the attacking pig guards and the Doctor having failed to remove all the panels grabs onto the mast and lets the strike run through him as well.


The bodies awake and identify themselves as Daleks. Sec is chained to the wall as Dalek Caan takes command and prepares to wage war on Manhattan.


The Doctor knows what the Daleks will do and his plan is to get to them first, to draw them out and he chooses the theatre as the location for his showdown.


Sec pleads with the others to reconsider but is exterminated. Now the Doctor must die! But he suggests that they let their new Dalek Humans do it and eager to prove themselves superior they give the order. Only their new army isn’t all they hoped, they aren’t Daleks, just enough Time Lord DNA got incorporated to make them question their orders. They turn on the two Daleks in the theatre and destroy them, but one remains back in the lab and it activates a remote destruct which kills all of the hybrids.

The Doctor returns to the lab to confront Dalek Caan who operates an emergency temporal shift to escape.

Laszlo is dying, none of the pig slaves survives long, they weren’t designed to, but the Doctor has a great big genetics lab to hand and declares that he’s had seen enough death for one day and won’t accept even one more.

Frank joins the others in Central Park, he’s convinced the residents of Hooverville to accept Laszlo. Tallulah embraces him and the Doctor and Martha leave, wondering if the pig and the showgirl will make it.