Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #1

June 6, 2014 in Guest Blogs, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

A Guest Blog by Mindless-Droid


Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir is the first in a four part comic adaptation of a Clone Wars arc intended for season six. To say I was excited for the comic goes without saying but I was also very disappointed that this arc would not be completed and released on Netflix. Just imagining what could have been and seeing some of the previews of the comic online it would have been amazing. When The Nightsister arc of season three hit and they hinted at Darth Maul being alive I was skeptical but as season four came to a close with Revenge I was very impressed with how they pulled off bringing back the Sith warrior. From the animation to the complex story brining in Mother Talzin and Savage Opress even Count Dooku in Massacre to the superb voice acting of Sam Witwer it was fantastic. Then season five really toke the story to another level climaxing with one of the best episodes of the entire series The Lawless.

Son of Dathomir picks up were The Lawless left off. A quick note when I brought the comic home I cued up A Galaxy Divided and read the intro in my best (not very good) Tom Kane impression just to relive the excitement of a new episode. The comic starts out with Maul imprisoned by Sidious and we learn the reason why he spared his life. Sidious views Mother Talzin as a threat to his master plan and Sidious wants to use Maul as a way to lure out Talzin so she can be dealt with and I quote, “Talzin must be coaxed into the light before she is permanently snuffed out.” We also learn that it was Talzin who “gifted” Maul to Sidious as a child an unappreciated gift as well. We then get to see the first meeting of Dooku and Maul as Dooku taunts Maul while he is held captive. Shortly after Maul is rescued by his Mandalorian army on the orders of Prime Minister Almec who has also recovered the dark saber after Maul’s confrontation with Sidious. Maul’s escape reminded me of the Falcons escape from the Deathstar, a set up to put Sidious’ plan into effect.


Maul is tracked to Zanbar. Dooku orders Grievous to attack him and his Mandalorian allies but he tells Grievous not to kill Maul only bloody his nose so that he will need to seek help from Talzin. Grievous’ droid fleet attacks and we get another first as there is a short faceoff between Maul and Grievous. Grievous’ assault is successful as most of Maul’s army is destroyed and Maul escapes. Grievous reports back to Dooku and he tells Grievous that Maul will seek out Talzin for help and that will draw her out. Grievous questions why she would expose herself what value does Maul hold for her? Dooku responds all in good time general all in good time. That’s when the closing credits would have hit.

I thought this would have been one of those good set up episodes. It’s difficult to have an all villain centered story but this one pulls it off. A testament to the uniqueness of The Clone Wars and the great work The Clone Wars crew did. The Darkhorse staff also did a great job in adapting the episode script into comic form it really feels like an episode of The Clone Wars. The only complaint I would have is Count Dooku didn’t look like the show or even Christopher Lee in the movies but that’s a minor point. We learn why Maul was spared and for what reason. You see a little hint of Maul’s origin story and how he came to be Sidious apprentice. It made me think of Obi-wan’s line in The Lawless when he said “I know where you’re from I’ve been to your village I know the decision to join the darkside wasn’t yours The Nightsisters made it for you.” We get the first meetings of Maul and Dooku and Maul and Grievous. There is a nice action scene with the battle on Zanbar. Would have loved to have seen that animated. In the end it seems we will finally get to know what Mother Talzin’s been up to all this time as well.
The next issue Battle with the Nightbrothers is sure to up the ante and bring us closer to the ultimate Talzin, Maul versus Sidious confrontation.