Star Trek : Day of the Dove

May 19, 2014 in Guest Blogs, Star Trek by GuestBlogs

A Guest Blog by Mindless-Droid


This week’s classic Star Trek episode is Day of the Dove. For some reason the official site skips this episode in the video section so here’s a link to the episode synopsis.

The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a colony on Beta XII-A. Upon beaming down to the surface there is no evidence of an attack or even the existence of a colony. Just then a Klingon battle cruiser arrives. Sulu reports that the Klingon ship is heavily damaged. A landing party from the Klingon ship arrives on the planet and Kang the commander accuses Kirk of a sneak attack. Kirk blames the Klingons for the destroyed colony which Kang claims to know nothing about. All the while an alien entity looks on. The alien entity gains control of the Enterprise and manipulates each side into fighting the other as it feeds off their negative emotions. Kirk and Spock discover the alien and after convincing Kang it is the alien they should be fighting they ”Bury the hatchet” as Kirk says and cease hostilities. With no negative energy to feed off the alien flees the ship.


This is another of season three’s good episodes. Although the episode is somewhat similar to Wolf in the Fold with an alien energy being that feeds of negative emotions it stands up pretty well. Kang is quite possibly the perfect Klingon of this era and a worthy advisory for Kirk. We get a more detailed look at the Klingons and you see the first glimpse of their code of honor and how they would evolve in future incarnations. Some of the ways the crew was manipulated by the alien was very dramatic and disturbing. You get a sense of unease as they act out violently and with hatred. The ending was a little too quick as it only took a few seconds of joking to force the entity to flee but overall a good episode with plenty of action and some tense drama. On to my mindless thoughts while watching the episode.

The re-mastered opening shot is very nice with the planets star in the background.

Uh oh red shirt in the landing party that’s not good they’ve been doing pretty good this season.

What’s with the pink flamingo plants on these alien planets?


If it seems that Kirk and Kang know each other it’s because the part was originally written for John Colicos to reprise his role as Kor from Errand of Mercy but he was unavailable at the time.

They pretty much gave away the entity early on.

We have no devil kirk but we understand the habits of yours but in The Next Generations Devils Due the Klingons have a devil.

Does Chekov always seem to get tortured or injured because Walter Koenig is a really good screamer?

Kirk made the communicator move a little obvious don’t you think.

Whoa, the red shirt made it back to the ship unharmed!

Seeing individual members of the crew being affected by the alien is disquieting knowing that they are not normally like that.

You have the standard alien sound effect when the weapons are turned to swords.

It’s interesting to see how the alien manipulates everyone’s mind but it didn’t count on the strength of Kirk and Spock.

How did the alien know what a claymore was I always thought that maybe it was the energy alien from Wolf in the Fold or one of the same species.


The sword sound effects just don’t sound right.

McCoy’s outburst is very disturbing as is Scotty’s but seeing Spock that way really drives it home that something is wrong. The alien really got to Chekov that was also very disturbing Kirks concern for his crew is once again shown here as he tends to Chekov.

The alien must have been getting confident to reveal itself to Kirk, Spock and Mara either that or Johnson’s hate attracted it.

Why doesn’t Mara believe them after seeing the alien?

Mara gives us a little Klingon backstory on the bridge about having to expand the empire to survive and it’s similar to some of the events at the beginning of Star Trek VI.


Mara’s makeup changes a lot.

Those sword sound effects still just don’t seem right.

Kirk’s in the heart in the head comes off as comical I wonder if that was unintentional?

If good spirits are an effective weapon I guess Spock is unarmed.


So they just let the thing go and fly off.

Some trivia. There is a comic book that references this episode and that one of Kang’s men tells a member of the Klingon high council of Kirk’s honor and the honorable way the Enterprise’s crew fought. This influences him to vote in favor of Gorkon’s peace proposal. This is the only time a Klingon ship is destroyed on screen in the original series. There is a lot of speculation from this episode where various internal parts of the ship are, this shows that engineering is on this deck or that deck but it made my head hurt so I won’t get into that.


Michael Ansara would reprise his role as Kang in the Deep Space Nine episode Blood Oath. He would be joined by fellow original series Klingons Kor from Errand of Mercy played by John Colicos and Koloth from The Trouble with Tribbles played by William Campbell. The episode focuses on a blood oath taken by the three Klingon captains along with Curzon Dax to gain revenge on the albino who killed each of the Klingons sons. If you have access to the episode I highly recommend it is quite good and I won’t spoil it here. It was cool to see all three actors reprise their original roles. It is also a fun debate as to the appearance of the Klingon make up or lack thereof between the original series and the later ones.

And on a closing note thanks to the entity although some red shirts were harmed during this episode none of them died. Season three has been quite kind to the red shirts so far.