Doctor Who Monsters A-Z : Terileptils

May 18, 2014 in Dr Who, Guest Blogs by GuestBlogs

A Guest Blog by Hevy782


Terileptils are bipedal reptiles with a love of art and beauty who banish their criminals to the prison planet of Raaga where they toil away in the tinclavic mines for the rest of their lives. A small group of these criminals stole a ship and escaped from Raaga, but crashed landed on Earth in the seventeenth century. Only four survived the crash and one died following it, leaving only three still alive. Teileptils naturally breath soliton gas (which is extremely volatile when mixed with oxygen) but can survive in Earth’s atmosphere. Nevertheless, the Terileptils on Earth still create a soliton gas generator to create an atmosphere more suitable for their lungs. Unable to return to their home planet, the Terileptil convicts intend to make Earth in their new world, but they must first wipe out the native population.

They also use highly-developed androids to help them in carrying out menial tasks. The renegade Terileptils have an android of their own which they arm with a deadly weapon which fires energy bolts from its hand. They also give it a skull-like mask, a cloak and a scythe which they use to trick superstitious villagers into think that it is Death. The android is eventually destroy by Nyssa who devises and builds a booster in the TARDIS which vibrates it to pieces. Along with their android, the Terileptils also enlist human servants by fitting them with a mind-controlling bracelet with built-in power-packs. When the bracelet is removed the human collapses and, after recovery, returns to normal with no recollection of what they’ve been doing.

The Terileptils first and only appearance so far was in The Visitation written by Eric Saward and featuring the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Adric and Nyssa. During this the Doctor attempts to get Tegan back home in time to catch her flight but while the Doctor gets the spatial co-ordinates right, the TARDIS ends up landing three-hundred years too early. While Tegan is left disappointed, the Doctor decides to take this opportunity to look round and they then meet actor-turned-highwayman Richard Mace. They then discover that a group of alien Terileptils have taken over a local manor house and intend to wipe out the human race so that they can have the planet for themselves. After fleeing from mind-controlled villagers and the Terileptil’s deadly android, the Doctor and his companions track the criminals to London. They intend to release a virulent form of the Black Death their to wipe out the human race but the Doctor manages to defeat them at a backery in pudding lane but in the proc
ess he ends up accidentally starting the fire of London.

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That was one of the Doctor’s attempts to get Tegan back to Heathrow airport, you can find out what happened on another next week when we look at the Urbankans he faced then as well as their delusional leader, Monarch.