Farscape : A Clockwork Nebari

May 31, 2014 in Farscape by Firebird

Aeryn and Rygel bring onto Moya two Nebari survivors of a Peacekeeper attack, Varla and Melak. Despite their weakened state, the ruthless Nebari manage to mind-cleanse the crew, and in the end only Crichton is unaffected, his mind protected by the Scorpius Clone. Crichton presses Chiana as to the motivations of Varla and Melak. It turns out that Nerri, the brother Chiana though lost, is very much alive, and is now the leader of the Nebari Resistance Movement. The Nebari Establishment knows this, and intends to capture him using Chiana as bait.


Once more Farscape stands out from the crowd in casting a female villain of the week.


The mind-cleansing this time around is a temporary drug induced state and I’ll spare you any images of the procedure being done on Crichton because it is GROSS! Anyway, thanks to Harvey it doesn’t stick leaving Crichton free to interfere with the Nebari’s plans.


Rygel with his multiple stomachs and fast metabolism also recovers quickly but the little toad once more shows his basically amoral nature when he happily turns Crichton over to Melak for re-processing to save his own hide!


Luckily Melak turns out to be a ‘traitor’ aka one of the good guys and working for Chiana’s brother …


Nerri who has given him a recorded message for his little sister. Just to tell her that he’s still alive.


When it comes right down to it the Nebari are not a nice bunch. They’re not only horribly controlling of their own people, it also turns out that they have plans to take over the entire sector and don’t have any scruples about how they do it. By comparison the Peacekeepers suddenly don’t look all that bad.