Star Wars : Bo-Katan

May 4, 2014 in Guest Blogs, Star Wars, The Clone Wars by GuestBlogs

A Star Wars Day special by StarWarsBeatle


Oh my Force, finally. This is just awesome. I’m making a blog post, about my favourite Star Wars character ever. Mandalorians are one thing, but who leads them in the end come on. Cameos should begin dwelling down now because WE GOT THIS GUY A SPOTLIGHT! So sit back relax, and let’s go meet that new Night Owl.

“Hey kid, you’re late.”


Again, Mandalorians are one thing, so way back when it was cool to see the Death Watch again, then get these really cool looking guy, who’s name unknown. The mystery around Bo is like Boba, don’t know ‘em, we want to. So after trying to get every single HD shot and frame by frame out of those two seconds… the guy withered away, remembered but nothing more. And want to add here that armor, I’ll just say I hadn’t admired an armor like that in a long time. Prior, again back in the day, the armor I’d admired most was Jango’s. Just that sleek, Mandalorian look. As the years went by I realized who this guy was and the armor started to rust. Let me make this clear, Bo’s armor is my favorite armor, Night Owls are next obviously. lol

The Extended Mission


Thanks to how awesome Star Wars is, we can research what they said. In Voyage of Temptation, Obi-Wan says way back when he and Qui-Gon had spent a year on Mandalore, protecting the world and Satine from outsiders who threatened them. Later a civil war broke out obviously between the warriors and the pacifists, well the warriors lost and were exiled, if you remember The Mandalorian Plot, to Concordia, believed to have died out soon. Almec you got that wrong. lol They don’t give a specific time period in those episodes, but it just sounds a little bit of a few years prior TPM the way the recast the moments. So Bo is about twenty during the Clone Wars, rewind that ten years, the future is bleak.

Carlac Incursion


So however Bo rounded up some buddies, became elite fighters, and ganged up with Death Watch, I would like to see more stuff about that, but at the moment…. Other than that, man it must suck just sitting their on Carlac doing nothing, well, I suppose you got some locals you can terroize, but for the record, that was Pre’s idea, Bo’s hands are clean. lol But we got this show at the Cheap Season, I think Season 6 deserves that title now, but if you remember in Season 4, there was hardly any commentary for the shows, just videos bundled for an arc, A Friend In Need didn’t even get it’s own commentary! However the episode was awesome, and screenshots galore, the internet does no justice for wallpapers. And here’s an example of why we need to give this guy a show, if noticed all the shot in the episodes, Bo-Katan just struggles to try to be in there. It’s a symptom in all of Star Wars, really cool characters but they all fight their way to get some time. The concept art/trivia stuff was always cool, however, if you look at the concept for Bo, you notice the model looks and feels problematic. It’s good thing some of these characters have good personalities, because like Sabine, they’re models look bad. For the first appearance of such a great character, Carlac is quite alright, but seriously this guy needed his own show.

Night Owls, spelled as a pun, “te”‘s not fun


Ah, nothing like waiting on Zanbar right? So let’s just do some exploring, and BTW we found a bunch of Sith, I mean come on, we should be fine. lol Originally, I thought one of titles for the Mandalorians was something like “How We Got Duped”. lol To think, if you were Bo when Mandalore was theirs, you feel like you were top of the world, to think if you were Bo when Maul took over, Rebel Alliance. If you think about it it’s a little sad, outsiders start treating your entire world, then to find out that your people are becoming lesser than what they were, and after having a struggle to get back to full potential, another outsider threatens your world and takes for himself. You noticed when Bo was with the grappling troopers that there’s a bit of compassion showed to some kids being threatened, harkening to experience back then? Then when you see the moment Maul wins the duel between Pre Vizsla, you noticed Bo immediately starts to freak out because everyone knows the moment when Maul cuts off Pre’s head, Mandalore is his. No good will come out of that either. Bo can’t conceive of it an just spurts out “Never! No outsider will ever rule Mandalore!”, and just rages off with some faithfuls, because Bo is a Mandalorian, isn’t honorbound, just wants best for that world. Total moment of defeat right there.

Death Watch Rebels


Why I love Mandalorians the best, they don’t believe in the wrong morals prior, and now now just lead for the better. We always did feel Bo was in charge, Viszla was just there. lol Now for Satine, even though they never shared eye to eye by far, I think Bo did have a sense of loss for Satine considering they must have spent time together. And I think everyone can agree, Satine didn’t really deserve to die like that. When you hear Vizsla say that Satine will be dead along side Maul and Savage, I think Bo was pretty cool with it considering Satine was the leader of their enemy, but in the end, Satine being dead maybe is not so poetic. I’m kinda getting sad writing this, so in your mind, please just give Bo a hug. lol


Here’s where it ends, maybe deserves a sequel like the Mandalorians, but I think the reason why I can’t finish this off takes me back to some bad memories of Lucasfilms being sold…. Anyway, thanks for reading, and check out the “NR”, Bo cameos linger in my section *insert wink*. And as always this is Star Wars Beatle, signing off.

May the Force be with you, always

“But Mandalore will survive, we always survive.” – Bo-Katan