Lightsaber Lost

April 28, 2013 in Episode Guides by Firebird

Season 2 Episode 11

“Easy isn’t always simple.”


During an assignment in the Coruscant underworld, a wily pickpocket steals Ahsoka’s lightsaber. Ahsoka enlists the help of an ancient Jedi, Tera Sinube, to track down her weapon and reclaim her honour.

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Concept Art and Trivia

Tera Sinube’s design is based on an abandoned alien concept illustrated for Episode I Senators. Although Tera appeared previously in “Grievous Intrigue,” he and the younglings seen in that episode were designed for this episode, which was produced first.


Nack Movers is a Trandoshan, using the same basic character model as Gha Nachkt from Season One.

Part of the Coruscant elevated maglev train design will be reused in the season 4 episode Bounty.


The Rodian working the door at the Spider Arms hostel is peeling a fruit that’s been seen to be native to Rodia in Season One.

When Ahsoka is researching underworld thieves, she pauses on a mugshot of Brea Tonnika, one of the Tonnika sisters seen in the cantina in Episode IV, she’s wanted for murder.

tonnika-sisters Brea_Tonnika_mugshot

Among the Aurebesh signs spotted around Coruscant are Star Tours posters suggesting trips to Glee Anselm, a distinctive “SODA” advertisement, a poster for a musical act called Stargazer and a performer named “Dasha Sigweed” (see Sasha & John Digweed).

Poster “Star Tours – Glee Anselm – Call 1-800-555-6576 now!”