Star Wars : The Mandalorians

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A Star Wars Day special by StarWarsBeatle


The Mandalorians

So dat bucket list right? Mandalorians, Mandalorians, Mandalorians… just because we wanted to see where that one nerd’s armor came from in TESB. Back in the good old days, that armor was so awesome on Jango and Boba, but I think my first type of knowledge of these “bucket heads” was from the game Bounty Hunter. Played as Jango which was cool, and got to see a bit of a comic about a prequel with Jango and a few of his colleagues. Still want to get the entire comic book series, but personally I don’t think I would have liked the Mandalorians as much as I do now if it wasn’t for the legendary Clone Wars. Now that’s where the fun begins.

Ew – I mean EU


Well the EU probably never would have convinced me that the Mandalorians can never be cooler than they are. What’s my problem? Well first let’s get it straight, Jango and Boba are NOT Mandalorians. I’ve heard things that Jango was, but in the comic when he started out, he was only brought in, not from Mandalore. Boba… I’ve heard a few times that the guy became, quote on quote, “Mandalore”… leader of… Mandalore…? *Insert Retcon* Despite Mandalorians trying to nudge their way with Clone Commandos, claiming a bounty hunter as the leader, the idea of them, was quite alright.

Season 2


If I had looked at the concept art prior in the Season 1 DVD I might have saw them, but I didn’t I saw the trailer for Season 2 and was like: THE MANDALORIANS, IN CANNON! Do you realize how exciting that was? The Season 2 trailer was already cool as it is, now with these guys, you may faint now. And those episodes didn’t disappoint. However it did disappoint some people, mreh. Again I hear some things, they were saying “no possible pacifism this”, “no Death Watch jerks like that”, and “where are the Ew” – I’m sorry… “EU guys over there?” Here’s the thing, one after centuries of violence and slaughtered peoples, things change, maybe not the best but, two Death Watch are true to their morals to the end, ha ha, Pre Vizsla cameo, see what I did there? lol Three in that Jango prequal comic, Death Watch had a rival called the “True Mandalorians”, with the ideas of being “honorable mercenaries”, Civil War broke out what can we say? lol And people liked them better. However I say Death Watch is better since they actually stoke to their morals. And four Death Watch didn’t look or feel like Mandalorians, there’s no room for lame looks in cannon. lol Anyways those episodes were great, wished Mixer and Redeye lived through the day, and by the end of it, we thought we might see a new plan by Dooku well….

We Just Need A Friend – Bo-Katan cameo in 3… 2-


Nope we get betrayed. Dang it. Trust me, Dooku went to Concordia and had huge battle- ok fine no that fannon was outdated so I’ll let just let Dave do his job. lol Oh well, ironically we start out the show on Mandalore, and head to one of the best tourist destination spots, Carlac! The plant’s starting to grow on me. So here is where I go crazy with a Bo-Katan story, but I’m just so freaking tired of these constant streams of cameos that I’m making a blog post just about Bo, the guy just really needs a spotlight. So I’ll just say a preview of Death Watch coming back with a really cool looking character, you may faint now. lol Overdue one season I might add. We got our “Corruptions” and our “Academies” way back when but come on, they were no Death Watching. Two last things I want to note about that episode, Snips the decapitator, and Bo should have won that fight, ruined the episode for me because of that…. lol

“Rub them out… nah to many plot points, load them up.”


When watching a Death Watch kinda rewatch, well, here’s where we get unfortunately screwed. Maul, another Sith telling Mandalorians what to do, should work, oh wait, did you say Maul?… Watching for the first time, I don’t think anyone mind with Death Watch. Watching it again, dang it. It’s like all of them want to start pointing fingers after all this. lol However we did draw the line on who’s cool, honorable morons are with Maul, the cool guys with Bo, how expected Bo is leading the way for that. And if you look at that episode, I think the person who took that the hardest was Bo. You have to pay close attention, but the reason why is if you remember Voyage of Temptation, you’ll recall way back in the day Obi-Wan was essentially saying Mandalore was essentially in anarchy, again won’t talk about Bo to much but by the end of all this that guy will be one person at the moment you’ll want to give a hug too. XD

Night Owls


Who’s the first guys you send in? The elite of the elite if you noticed in those episodes. Mandalorians were thought to be super commandos, well in that case the Night Owls are ELITE Super Commandos! Vizsla put an ad in the paper and they were down with that. lol So continuing off into the Lawless comes my favorite battles in Star Wars, hand to hand battles in the sky. Again first didn’t think of it, in the end it’s really cool idea of dynamic battles, might I add that will be Battlefront IV: Jetpacks Rock. lol Since I’m playing this episode, first we have Bo saving the day, saving the day more and it’s good to see the Blue, next IT’S A TRAP, Bo suspects that is the guy they needed to call, missed that really bad scene Katan and Satine, Bo reassures all, more dynamic scenes, then cut. Yeah here’s where run into the road block of the entire series not finishing these stories. You try not to run into the bad then….



I heard there was this Darth Maul comic coming out, obviously for the episodes we want to see the continuation but as for Mandalore, this sucks. A comic, but not a show. I don’t get that same reaction or mood when I watch something like TCW. But just in theory we figure what will happen is that Sidious has plans with Maul and those neural systems, and using those Mandalorians and those Crime Syndicates. Now on Death Watch Rebels end, it would be cool to see more of that hectic civil war. And best of all, a neat conversation with Ahsoka and Bo, we’ll make it clear in cannon for sure that everyone knows that Bo would have won. lol


So these were the Mandalorians of today. They all were problematic, but in the end, oh yeah we don’t know the end. Even though I had a lot of enjoyment writing about my favorite group, thanks Death Watch Rebels *insert wink*, I might just write a sequel. There’s still a few things under those buckets I would like to talk about. So as usual to those Shinnies, check out the rest of the Nexus Route, best place ever. And this is Star Wars Beatle, signing off.

May the Force be with you, always

“But Mandalore will survive, we always survive.” – Bo-Katan