Doctor Who Monsters A-Z : Nimon

April 6, 2014 in Dr Who, Guest Blogs by GuestBlogs

A Guest blog by Hevy782


The Nimon are a race of tall horned beasts with an appearance resembling that of the Minotaur from our own Greek myths and legends. They have the power to drain the life force out of anyone and leave them and empty husk. They managed to establish themselves on the world of Crinoth with the help of Sezom who they later betrayed and killed. It did not take long for the Nimon to get what they wanted from the world and drive it towards destruction, but this left them without a world to live on and must now seek out a new one. Before Sezom died he made a key discovery that when jacenite is integrated into a staff he was given by the Nimon it creates an effective weapon to stun the creatures with.

Skonnos was once the centre of a mighty empire but these days of glory have long since passed. However, the Nimon arrived and offered to help them rebuild their Empire in return for youths for sacrifice and hymetusite crystals. The power hungry Skonnan leader, Soldeed, readily excepted these terms, unaware that once the Nimon get what they want they will betray him. What the Nimon really want is a new planet to live on now that their current one is nearing death after they’d exhausted all of it’s resources. Battle cruisers from Skonnos’s conquest filled past deliver the sacrifices to a Labyrinth where they are hunted and killed by the evil Nimon.

The Nimon’s only appearance so far was in The Horns of Nimon written by Anthony Read and featuring the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K-9. During this the TARDIS lands on a Skonnan battle cruiser which has broken down in space while transporting Skonnan youths for sacrifice to the Nimon. The Doctor manages to fix the transport but Romana ends up kidnapped by the Skonnans and taken with the sacrifices to the Nimon. They end up in an ever-changing Labyrinth where they are hunted by the Nimon and just as they are cornered the Doctor is able to effect a rescue and save them. Back at the complex on Skonnos the Nimon attack but with help from K-9 they are able to deal with some of them. Soldeed realises that he has been lied to by the Nimon and sets of a chain reaction which destroys the complex. The Doctor, Romana and K-9 manage to escape and watch as the planet Crinoth disintegrates, meaning that the Nimon are gone once and for all.

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That’s all for the Nimon, next week we take a look at the renegade Time Lord Omega, one of the most important figures in Gallifrey’s history.