Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts

April 2, 2014 in Dr Who by Firebird


The episode starts with a voice over by Rose, introducing her life with the Doctor and ending with “This is the story of how I died”.

The TARDIS materialised in a park near Rose’s home so she can visit her mum. Jackie is happy to see them and even more happy to tell Rose that her grandfather is about to visit … her dead grandfather. Rose thinks she’s lost it of course until a ghostly figure materialised. She and the Doctor run outside to discover that they’re everywhere. After 2 minutes they vanish, but we see another view, of a man operating a leaver at the Torchwood Institute. The woman in charge, Yvonne Hartman announces that the Ghost Energy measured at 5,000 Gigawatts.


The appearance of ghosts seems to have been accepted by the people of Earth, even to the extent of them being incorporated into soap operas. Jackie says that it started happening about 2 months before. The Doctor puts a bit of a dampener on the whole thing. At Torchwood a scientist Dr Singh talks to Hartman about the lack of progress analysing a giant sphere that hovers at the end of his lab.

Two co-workers arrange a clandestine meeting in a sealed off part of the offices. Garath disappears behind the plastic sheets and Adeola starts to get a bit freaked out when he doesn’t answer her calls. Pulling back one last sheet she’s confronted by a Cyberman.

Meanwhile the Doctor is setting up monitoring equipment to find out where the ghosts are coming from.

Adeola and Garath return to their desks but their bluetooth headsets are flashing blue and they don’t look all there.

Jackie challenges Rose on her choice to travel with the Doctor, she sees the way Rose has changed already and fears that when she’s dead and gone Rose will have no reason to come back.


The ghost shift is activated at Torchwood and while the Doctor has one of the ghosts trapped his gismo the modification of the field is detected, the Torchwood people pinpoint the location of the disturbance and use a nearby CCTV camera to spot the TARDIS. They know exactly what it is and who it is and that he’s almost certainly on his way to them.

Back in the TARDIS the Doctor isn’t too thrilled to find that Jackie is still onboard.

The TARDIS materialises and is immediately surrounded by armed soldiers. The Doctor is not put off and goes outside anyway to be met by an excited Hartman and a round of applause which freaks him out a bit. Hartman says that the Doctor travels with his companion and wants him to bring her out, so he reaches through the door, pulls out Jackie and introduces HER as Rose. Hartman introduces him to Torchwood. “If it’s alien, it’s ours”.


The TARDIS is on the back of a truck with Rose inside.

Adeola lures another co-worker to the Cybermen.

Hartman takes the Doctor to see the mystery sphere, hoping he can tell them something about it, which he does. He says it’s a Void Ship, a vessel designed to operate outside of time and space. In the space between universes. The sphere was how it started, it appeared and the ghosts followed.

Rose sneaks out of the TARDIS and quickly finds herself a white lab coat and starts to investigate.

Hartman shows the Doctor where the sphere came through. There had already been a disturbance there and the Torchwood tower was built specifically to reach it as it was 600 feet above the ground. The Doctor gets Hartman to cancel the next ghost shift.


Rose finds the sphere room and uses the psychic paper to get in. Dr Singh sees her and asks to see her authorisation. He’s not fooled by the paper and asks his assistant to call security, but who should that assistant be but Mickey Smith! Upstairs the Doctor has to concede that yes, that’s Rose Tyler and this is her mother. They’re interrupted when the ghost shift is initiated in the next room. The Cyber-controlled staff aren’t waiting any longer. Other staff try to stop them but it’s too late.

Down in the sphere room there’s activity.


The Doctor deactivates the Cyber-staff. Their standard bluetooth sets aren’t that any more but are connected with white goop directly into their brains. Jackie is upset that the Doctor seems to have killed them but he says that they were already dead. The rift continues to open.


Dr Singh, Mickey and Rose are trapped with the Sphere. Mickey thinks it contains Cybermen. He’s followed them through from the parallel universe.

Hartman follows the Doctor and they find a troop of Cybermen who take them back to the main office and power up the ghost shift to 100%. Cybermen start to march through the rift and materialise across the world. People run screaming. However when questioned they claim that the sphere was not theirs, they just followed it.


Downstairs the sphere opens and out come Daleks!

Darth_Namialus : And with this episode starts one of the saddest arcs in all of Doctor Who. Right when Rose said ”This is the story of how I died,” I was on the edge of my seat.

This episode was a great set-up to the battles that happen in ”Doomsday” (which is arguably one of the greatest episodes ever) with not too much action but a strong introduction to Torchwood, the recurring theme of Series Two. Hartman might have seemed like an annoyance at first (she really was) but she represented Torchwood quite well – her arrogance made the organization believe they were the best, and the arrogance of Rose and the Doctor in ”Tooth and Claw” was what really started Torchwood.

Mickey was a nice surprise addition to the story, and it’s nice to know that he was still fighting the Cybermen in the parallel universe. And the Cybermen were also nice villains here. Sadly they don’t get much attention in the later series, but they shined in Series Two.

One thing that bothered me, however, is how stupid the people were. There are ghosts all around the world and they make friends out of them? It seemed a little unrealistic (not that the show is realistic…) What made Jackie think that was her dead father? If there was a ghost like that in my home, I would be afraid, let alone make up a personality for him!

I’d give this episode a 8.5/10 for a strong beginning to Rose’s fall. 😥

(Just a little funny thing here… My friend is now watching Doctor Who, and she watched these two episodes on Sunday. She hates the Cybermen for what they do to innocent people, whereas with the Daleks the people just die. So as she was watching this episode, and saw the Cybermen, she said that she’d rather have Daleks over Cybermen… and then the Daleks appeared. 😆 )