Alien Isolation

April 11, 2014 in Games, Guest Blogs by GuestBlogs

A Guest blog by BansheeGun


How long could you last in an empty Space station with an angry Xenomorph? Well, the answer to that question is virtually impossible to answer given the fact that, well, Xenomorph’s don’t exist in real life (As far as we know). Thankfully; however, we don’t need ”real life” to have this question answered! You can have that question answered in the upcoming survival horror game Alien Isolation.

I’ll be honest, video games set in the Alien universe as of late have been, for lack of a better term, mediocre. Last year’s release of Aliens: Colonial Marines is certainly the prime example of what a mediocre Alien game looks like. But I’m not here to discuss Colonial Marines, I’m here to discuss Alien Isolation. This game really does have a lot of promise. I’ve only been a fan of the Alien universe for a few years, but I really have grown to love this franchise, which is why I am so excited for this game. So, let’s get to the basics of Alien Isolation.


Alien Isolation takes place in 2137, 15 years after the entire crew of the USCSS Nostromo went missing. Amanda Ripley, daughter of missing Nostromo crew member Ellen Ripley, has always wondered what happened to her mother. Now that she has heard that the flight recorder from her mother’s ship, the Nostromo, has been recovered at a remote trading station, Amanda is determined, more than ever, to uncover the truth about her mother’s fate. That is where the player comes in: You are Amanda Ripley.


One thing is clear: Alien Isolation will not follow in the footsteps of Aliens: Colonial Marines or Alien Vs. Predator. Alien Isolation will take most of its cues from the original 1979 film Alien, unlike Colonial Marines which was heavily influenced by it’s sequel Aliens. Isolation will focus more on stealth and less on action. Blasting hordes of Alien drones will not be a feature of this game… and that is a good thing. The first Alien film is, in my opinion, the best in the franchise. So this game definitely has me intrigued.

As I mentioned above, this game will NOT feature hordes of Aliens. Instead, you will face down just one Alien. This is very similar to the original film. It’s been said that there will be more enemies to face, but so far, we only know about one. You will also not have any weapons. You will rely on stealth and discretion to defeat your adversary, the Xenomorph.


So, the real question is: How will you survive? You can answer that question October 7th when Alien Isolation is released for Xbox One/360, PS4/3, and PC.